A Sucky Recap.

I was in the mood to write, but I’ve lost interest, so here’s a quick, quick run through of the past week or two.

Friday (2nd)

yeah.. My parents were in town, so I headed off to Jeff and Rebecca’s to hang out with the whole family. I got a call from Erin Veldhof and ended up heading to the Bob in GR. I’d never been there, and I can see why people like it, and why other people don’t. Erin and Lindsay were there, as were a number of other people, including Laura, from the power outage evening. The piano dudes were talented. Anyway, you could make requests, and Lindsay put one in mentioning it was my 27th “Golden” birthday, and they bought it.. So I had to go up there and do a little dance, and I found the entire thing quite funny. Some dancing, some drinking, and some awkwardness later, and we all took off. A fun evening.


Saturday was Jeff and Tiffany’s wedding which was amazingly fun. Certainly the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding. Lots of hanging out with good friends, dancing, and drinking. Pretty much perfect. I liked the fact that you could tell it was a wedding by and for the bride and groom, rather than just for the parents or adults… A fun day.


I watched the last 4 episodes of Ed from this season, and remembered just how wonderful a show it is. ThenJplant called, and I headed off and played basketball at Calvin. I returned bloody, which was expected.


No clue at all what happened.


First day of my golf league. I suck at golf. Afterwards I headed off to Max and Ermas with Robb, Steve and Julie.


Our first softball game, and we got killed. I got to sit for a half hour and watch my replacement suck.


Gwen came over and hung out for a while. She joined me and Mindy and Max and Ermas as well. I had dinner at Andy and Michelle’s w/ them and Joel. It was excellent.


Friday was just plain sweet. We had some more nurses come on over in the evening, and we consumed mass quantities of liquid refreshment. It just got better from there.


Sven and I headed out to Ann Arbor to help Sven‘s brother, Tim, move. We managed to get lost on the way there, and swung by the Van Groningen’s subdivision, and did a turn around inJplant‘s parent’s neighbors drive-way. Spent all day helping Tim move. His new house is very nice. At night we watched Catch Me If You Can on his giant screen TV. It was quite good.


Church, then dinner at the Veldhof’s. Lindsay was in charge of dinner (for Mother’s Day) and it was excellent. tried to take a nap in the afternoon, but spent all day cleaning the house instead. Then Gwen came over, and we watched Buffy, and then I beat Zelda while she watched.

I’m in a lousy mood, so I’m just going to stop. Maybe I’ll add on to these when I feel more like writing.

8 thoughts on “A Sucky Recap.

  1. Hey Ron,

    Thought I’d check out your site and low and behold – I’m even mentioned — my ego is inflating, soon my head won’t be able to fit through your puny door :))
    Now you gone and got me interested in wireless networking since my SBC DSL is set up in my new apt in Detroit but alas, there is only ONE working phone jack in the whole frickin’ apt (one out of 5). Any suggestions about what I should buy or not buy? Have no idea where I could chat with ya since I’m on the Spectrum computers :)
    Be happy

  2. Gwen -> I picked up a Linksys wireless router, and have had 0 problems with it. They’re easy to set up, and have a nice interface for setting up things (encryption, port forwarding, etc.) They run about $100, though they are on sale on occasion.

    You do realize that if you were going to buy one you’d have to buy a Gamecube at the same time, right? We should go together, and I’ll buy a TV or something..

  3. LOL – right – I’ll drop about $500 on the router and assorted cards for my PC, laptop, and roommate’s PC PLUS a gamecube – I’m loaded aren’t I? :)) Heck – I’ll even buy your TV for you while I’m at it ;)

  4. It’s in writing, so it’s a contract, right? Pay up.

    You ought to be able to find wireless cards for $30-$50 on pricewatch.com, though I don’t really know if some are better than others [anyone?] But yeah, they’d be about $50-60 at Best Buy. The router has 4 ports on it, so You could just hardwire your PC if you so desired, but then you’ve got the cable running around your floors, which may or may not be a problem depending on how your place is set up, and where the router would be.

    I would think after spending that kind of money, you’d want to buy something to take your mind off of it all… A Gamecube w/ Zelda and Metroid Prime would work nicely. :)

    And why are you buying your roommate’s stuff?

  5. If only I could hardwire my PC — but alas that particular phone jack in my bedroom is one of the five that does not work. The only working phone jack is in the dining room which is ever so far away.
    maybe I’ll have to contract you to help me set up the apt just so i don’t screw stuff up. I’m reasonable computer savvy, but at the same time extremely lazy and try to avoid talking to customer service people at all cost.
    As to buying the roommate stuff – she’d never EVER use it again. Thinking about going with the USB Network adapter for her since she has a fairly “old” Compaq that I really don’t want to mess with too much. Her knowledge of technology is for the most part as close to zero as you can get, so it would be worthless for her after she moves out in a year.

    I have this burning desire to do some shopping now at the local Best Buy.
    And you call me evil….


  6. If I bought a Gamecube… Rob would forever stay away from my apartment and I would always have to go to his now-really-boring-apt-with-a-small-TV-no-PS2-no-Gamecube-and-slower-PC

    It would breakdown into a pros/cons list:

    Pro of Gwen’s apt: Gamecube (once bought), PS2, 27″ TV with “free” digital cable which can be viewed by lying in bed or in the lazyboy chair in my room, ability to play our nerd games together online (D2x, Broodwars, etc.), faster PC and laptop than Rob’s, and the shower with the most water pressure I’ve ever had or tried

    Cons of Gwen’s apt: a single bed

    Pros of Rob’s apt: Rob is there, double bed
    Cons of Rob’s apt: see the pros of Gwen’s

    MTG could be played at either

    Time for me to get some chow – I’ll be back in the library surfing the web in probably a half hour unless a patient comes in AND they remember to page me.

  7. Let’s see – it’s about 1:53 pm and I have moved away from this computer for maybe a total of an hour since 7:30 am. I have no life – or rather, my life in the hospital is pretty slow right now. I’ll continue to look up stuff and wait until the wee hours of the morning when I’ll be running around the ER with my head cut off b/c 4 traumas came in at once… but my hope is that I’ll be sleeping instead.

  8. Hey bub! You didn’t mention anything about our night. Oops, okay, maybe that sounded bad. ummm. . . You know our little PI conversation. I guess it’s not all that big of a deal. you have to admit it was a lot of fun though. whatever. Nice to see you updated stuff. see ya

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