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Thursday night I headed off with Mindy, Sven, and Julie to see Riverdance. First off, don’t knock it. Second, don’t knock it. Okay, glad we got that out of the way. So there’s two major “traditional Irish Dance” shows: Lord of the Dance, and Riverdance. Lord of the Dance has Michael Flatley, who I’m pretty sure is evil. We didn’t go to that, we went to Riverdance. Here’s the thing, I really like the music, and I enjoy getting dressed up and going out and getting some culture. I haven’t been to the symphony in a while, which is sad, so I was pleased.

A little info: First of all, it’s not nothing but the fast tapping, no-arms-moving stuff you see on TV, though there is a lot of that (and I’ll readily admit that I think that’s just plain spiffy.) There were all sorts of dance styles, including a black-haired flamenco dancer. [She danced while his father played guitar… she was suddenly beautiful.] So, Riverdance was excellent. The music was great, the dancing was both very impressive and just plain beautiful to watch, and I’m quite glad I went.

Friday I had a meeting in GR for work that turned out to be pretty good. The guy that we (Dave, Brian, Me, and eventually Joel) met with, Matt, turned out to be a kewl guy, and fun to hang out with, and helped [me] out a ton on the stuff we’re working on. So that worked out well. (I’ll admit I was highly skeptical before the meeting) Afterwards I headed home, and after taking care of a few things that had to be done at a certain time, I started watching more episodes of Sportsnight that Mark had so graciously allowed me to borrow. I ended up just continuing to watch them, and before I knew it, I had blown through all of season one, and was into season 2… and it was 3 or 4 in the morning. I’ll talk about Sportsnight in another entry sometime soon.. I’ll add it to the growing list of things I’ve promised to talk about but seemingly never do… But before I go to sleep (I’m really, really tired) I wanted to mention the people from other shows that have thus far been on Sportsnight:

  • Sabrina Lloyd, aka Frankie from Ed, and Wade from Sliders, plays Natalie Hurley, a main character.
  • Joshua Malina, aka Will Baily from The West Wing, plays Jeremy Goodwin, another main character.
  • Robert Guillaume, aka Benson, plays Isaac Jaffe, another main character.
  • Brenda Strong, who played Sue-Ellen Mishkie on Seinfeld [the girl who didn’t wear a bra], and also played Nurse Gretchen in Spaceballs [ thank you, IMDB ], played the semi-regular role of Sally Sasser on Sportsnight
  • William H. Macy, who has been in pretty much everything, but lets just say he was Jerry Lundegaard in Fargo, played Sam Donovan, a semi-regular role on Sportsnight as well.
  • Tom Cavanagh. Yup, Ed! He was a Sportsnight loving fool who was out on a date with a former date of Casey’s. He was on for a few seconds, but it was funny seeing him. His name on the show was “Howard” I believe.
  • Janel Moloney. She plays Donna Moss on the West Wing. She was the wardrobe assistant, Monica, on sportsnight.
  • Ted McGinley, of Married with Children fame [Jefferson D’Arcy], played Gordon, Dana’s boyfriend in the early episodes of Sportsnight.

There were more, but you get the idea. It’s just kinda funny seeing all these people I know as other people all thrown together on this show. Some of them appear on their way up, and others on their way down. I can also see the show slowly developing many of the things that make The West Wing such a good show. It’s pretty much the same stories with a different backdrop. It’s all about the boy who wants the girl, when it comes right down to it. Man, do I fall for that story. Sleep, me… need, now.

6 thoughts on “Riverdance and Sportsnight

  1. totally unrelated. but i actually had a dream this afternoon while i was napping that i was carol vesey, or at least i looked like her and was in her situation although i think i knew i actually wasn’t her and stuff. you know how weird dream realities go. anyway, i assume only you chip would truly appreciate how that might happen…

  2. so Ron,

    since you are really Ed, when are you going to ask this Carol Vessey out, get turned down, do all sorts of romantic, memorable gestures, dance like flamingos around each other, and then (finally)realized at the end of season 3 that you were in fact made for each other?

    oh, and ten bucks if you meow so loud the person in the cubicle next to you asks what you are doing.

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