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So thanks to Adam, I’m able to track what search terms people put into search engines that lead them to my site.. it’s yielded some interesting results. Wanna see?

By far the most common search that leads to my site has to do with “pictures of lasagna”. That search accounts for 21% of the traffic search engines have brought to my site, which I find just kinda weird. Things about Selena (I’d imagine many are looking for the singer, as opposed to my friend, but either way.), dancing Hamsters, specific song lyrics, and Zelda – Windwaker searches also make up a healthy chunk of the searches. A few of the more interesting search phrases I’ve noticed:

  • tilde virus – my bogus spam comment seems to be getting some attention.
  • sergeant slaughter pictures – remember this?
  • cheese burger porno – um….. what?
  • girly wrists – yeah, that would be me.
  • killing your friends is fun. – yeah… I don’t know where I say anything like that, but I found it funny anyway.
  • julie bowen fake – Julie Bowen is not fake. Yeah, I know what you’re looking for.. By the way, did you know Julie Bowen is 5’6″? That seems short to me. She looks taller on TV.
  • shoot me please take me out of my misery – yes, if you were wondering, I’m #1 on google
  • funny train wreck pictures – Okay, that’s just disturbing
  • i still care about my x but she s seeing one of me mates-what do i do – um.. go on walkabout?

Want to see the full list?

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