7 thoughts on “Get in line..

  1. so women suck? anything new that would bring about this epiphany.

    I did hear that same phrase from a wise man named Keith once. I believe he said it at a wedding.

  2. Was it a wedding, or the bachelor party, by the fire?
    I seem to recall the quotes:
    “Girls are petty”
    ..”Yeah, girls are dumb.”

  3. hmm…

    I do believe it was at the fire. too many fun weekends in a row, I guess.

    and you are right on the quote: “Girls are dumb.”

    and thus ends my responses ‘blogs.

  4. about the woodies… i agree, those are ugly. to make it worse, i’ve seen some pics of “auto-show-future-cars” with that crap on them. just begging to be burned..

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