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So I added a search dealie to the site, cause I wanted to start doing some search programming, figuring I’ll have to do it for work sometime soon. Anyway, give it a shot (it’s on the left there, in the menu bar) and let me know the bugs/problems you run into. I’ve got the “matching the phrase” in quotes dealie working, but I haven’t attacked negation searching yet. I’m not thrilled with how results are displayed, and I haven’t done much which whole word matching vs. partial word/wildcard stuff either. And occasionally I get blank reponses, but I think that’s due to matches inside HTML tags, etc.. Either way, let me know what you find, so I can make it better.

Yesterday was a wedding: Jeff and Tiffany. It was a star studded affair, and I actually had a great time. [open bar]. More about that later..Jplant just invited me to play some basketball.

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  1. there was an open bar at the wedding I went to last summer. notice how the pictures were plentiful and then just kind of, um, stopped. I and the rest of my roommates were on a first name basis with the bartenders by the end of the night. They were recommending drinks, and we were, um, obliging. Turns out if you thank them for the drinks, the bartenders treat you more nicely.

  2. Heh.. Nice. That is true. I just kept dumping ones into the tip jar, and she kept giving me large glasses. It was nice. It was also nice that at one point, when she saw me approaching she just started filling a glass for me. I have to give some credit to my friend Al. He informed me just before the meal started that the bar would close during the meal. I had an amaretto sour that I had just grabbed, but I saw the servers approaching with salads, so I darted back to the bar and grabbed two beers to tide me over. (Sadly, the second beer was quickly slammed by Sven when I headed off to the bathroom… it was inevitable)

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