I love you, I love you, I love you.

I’ve resolved to try to post something every day from no on. Not the usual über posts I tend to write while pondering what size the exit wound in the back of my skull would be, though those will still undoubtedly happen. But just something.. as I usually have something [retarded] to say, but choose not to, as it doesn’t fit into a larger framework of whining and self-loathing.

First, a question: Does this picture strike you as being happy or sad? So as to not taint or bias you one way or another, I’ll say nothing about it, yet.:

I love you, I love you, I love you

Second, check this out:

I’m not positive, but I think that would hurt a lot.

Third, and finally, I got an email yesterday from a woman I’ve never met. Now, I’ve gotten 3 or 4 emails from people I’ve never met who read my site and wanted to say something or other, but this one was different. She had run across my site somehow, and after some exploring, wrote to me, calling me both “pretty interesting” and “pretty attractive“. Though she gave her name, I’m thinking it was either a false name to cover her true identity, or one of my roommates went through an awful lot of trouble to cause me pain. Both seem equally likely. The email also said “[I] cannot believe that you don’t make easy work of finding chicks to date.” which I thought was quite a nice thing to say… until my brain got a hold of it, and worked on it for a while… Now I’m thinking that though I’ve [apparently] been given a number of advantages over your average, run of the mill loser, I still manage to fail completely, and now have fewer outside factors to blame it on. Regardless (no, not irregardless), that email completely made my week… which I guess isn’t saying much, since it was Monday, but still, I thank Trisha for taking the time to make some dork she’s never met feel better about himself for a little while.

12 thoughts on “I love you, I love you, I love you.

  1. she didn’t want to know if you were “hung like a horse”, or “need[ed] breast enlargement” or “a new mortgage” did she? ’cause that’d be a sign that she wasn’t just googling for angst-ridden college graduates…

  2. Dear Kid,
    Trisha is alive and well and a real live woman. She is my friend and she told me about you. I think that you have great writing style and I would date you too. So now you have a posse of hot women chasing you.

  3. It’s Trisha and that is my real name, lol. My boss/friend likes your site too. You should make something of it. As for the cartoon. It is sweet. He’s trying to give her his heart and she is playing hard to get. She’ll take it eventually. lol

  4. Oh yeah? Hrm. I could see that. She was college educated, so i guess I shouldn’t be surprised by her appreciation for the English language. It also helps that saying “irregardless” makes you sound like a slack-jawed yokel”

  5. The picture is depressing. She not only refuses his heart; she doesn’t want anything to do with him.
    And watch what you say about yokels. We tend to have bad tempers and be heavily armed…

  6. While somewhat depressing, the cartoon does not indicate she wants nothing to do with him. Her arms are folded, which means she is a closed person, perhaps because she was jilted in the past. If she wanted nothing to do with him, She would put her hand up to his face or something of that nature. The fact that he is offering his heart even though she is closed is sweet and offers hope for some happiness in the future. He probably can see through the closed repression of her to get to the real stuff and that makes him both courageous and caring.
    But I guess anyone could see what they want to see in the picture. The glass is either half full or half empty.

  7. Trisha: The above picture is the picture of complete rejection. Not everyone uses the ‘talk to the hand’ gesture to show disinterest… The glass is half full of poison, rage, and broken dreams.

  8. Adam: There are lots of ways to show disinterest. She could put a gun to his head also. The point is this picture is not that drastic and if the artist wanted to get that point across, I think he/she could have. Again, I think it can be interpreted any way you like and the interpretation one chooses says a lot about his or her outlook on life.

  9. i’m more in agreement with trisha. she isn’t rejecting him… she’s just careful. sometimes people get confused and don’t know how to accept something so big as someone else’s heart. it isnt’ an easy gift to accept even if it is a wonderful one… she’s more worried than anything else. the guy giving the heart is about to freaked out himself anyway…

  10. I see two heartless executives trying to figure out what they heck they just found lying on the ground. They don’t have ties on, so it must be their day off.

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