A complete rip-off.

Yesterday was our first softball practice. It was excellent. My favorite moment: hitting a slap-shot liner at Tuuk‘s nuts.

I finally broke down and bought the monitor Thursday.. Well, here’s what happened. Joel mentioned wanting to get a flat panel monitor, so we went to Best Buy to look at them. There was one left, on sale for $350, so I grabbed it, thinking “I should just buy it, it’s lovely, and cheap, and I need it.” I’ve again grown dissatisfied with my current room set up, so I’d like to rearrange everything, and make it look a bit classier, and thus, I need a snazzy black flat panel to help out that look. Whatever… I wanted it, so I bought it. Way to go me!

I also purchased the first two seasons of Family Guy. We watched a few episodes last night, and I had kinda forgotten that this shows was (and still is) one of the funniest creations man has made. I got to talk to Deedre on the phone for a while, which was excellent, as always. I like it when someone can know exactly what gestures, mannerisms, and facial expressions I’m making when all they have to go on is my voice. There’s just something nice and comforting about that. Hrm… You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m not so much a unique person, and more just a jumbled conglomeration of other people’s phrases and mannerisms. I guess there’s really not all the much that’s new under the sun anyway, may as well copy the good stuff… Anyway. Later on, I started watching the Stars vs. Ducks, as Christa is a Dallas fan… and that game went into a 5th overtime before the Ducks scored. Now, I’m not a huge hockey fan, but I will say that 5 periods worth of “any second could be the end of the game” is pretty entertaining. Now, if only there was less ice skating and pucks, and more base running and pitching involved, it might be a wonderful sport.

I was looking at sites the other night, and ran across some random guys blog that had a few interesting questions on it, so I blatantly ripped them off, and will answer them now:

  1. If you had the chance to meet someone you’ve never met, from the past or present, who would it be?

    I’m supposed to say Jesus, right? That’d be interesting. I’d like to meet Tom Cavanagh or Conan O’Brien, as both seem like they’d be a ton of fun to hang out with. Hrm… wait a minute. Why not Julie Bowen, Julia Stiles, or Ashley Williams? Come to think of it, I’d like to meet Christa face to face at some point, with the hopes that such an encounter wouldn’t permanently scar her.

    I couldn’t really think of that many people from history that I’d care to meet. Either I don’t think they’d be fun to hang out with, I wouldn’t have anything to say, or I fear that my vision of them could only be tainted/destroyed by witnessing the true person. Like there’s no way Abraham Lincoln can be as Christ-like in real life as he seem to be touted as being in the classroom. Douglas Adams might be a good one. I guess if I’m going to spend time with someone, I’d want to be sure I was going to have a good time. I can learn about events and people by reading a book or watching the History Channel. Some time with Michael Stipe, Eddie Vedder, or Trent Reznor would be pretty slick too…

    Final answer: Conan O’Brien.

  2. If you had to live in a different century, past or future, which would it be?

    If I knew then what I know now, it’s have to be the future, cause I wouldn’t be able to deal with some of the comforts of present day life. (like sanitation, good medicine, and Zelda.) I’d probably shoot for a bit into the future, assuming mankind isn’t conquered by a evil alien race, or it’s some sort of post-apocalyptic Waterworld type reality. (We would have also accepted : 12 Monkeys, Planet of the Apes, Terminator, Mad Max, The Matrix,and Star Trek: First Contact). Put me right around Season 4 or 5 of Star Trek The Next Generation, and I’d be good with that.

    Final answer : 2368 (and yes, that is Season 5 of TNG..)

  3. If you had to move anywhere else on Earth, where would it be?

    Assuming it were for only a year or so, I’d say a big city like New York or Chicago. If it were for a longer period of time, maybe somewhere near Chicago, but not actually in the city itself. If it were for 6-9 months or so, then something like Australia would be spiffy.. too much longer than that, and I’d get sick of it, I think. Kangaroos and koalas are only kewl for so long, I’m guessing.

    Final answer: Chicago

  4. If you had to be a fictional character, who would it be?

    I’m Ed. If the question means that I would suddenly gain all the attributes of that person, then it’d be a toss-up between Ed, Han Solo, and Batman.

    Final answer: Ed

  5. If you could be employed (and good at) any job, what would it be?

    Professional baseball player. Shortstop, for the Cubs. No question.

Well, at the very least, that filled up some space, and gave people a new comment page to fill up. Have at it.

22 thoughts on “A complete rip-off.

  1. How did Adam do that? It’s about time you posted something new, Ron! lol Wonderful as always, glad to hear about the phone call with Deedre! You da man!

  2. 1. When I was a kid we would pretend like we took on the persona of a super hero-I mean all day long during school etc.

    I know you’re thinking, “Yeah, I played super heroes in like 3rd grade too.” But I’m pretty sure I was in high school. I chose Daredevil.

    2. If I spell my name Duug can I pretend to be Dutch?

    C. Deep Space 9 is still the best Star Trek ever.

    4. I shuddered merely thinking of waterworld. Not because of the state of the earth but because of hte acting.

    7. What about meeting Luther? He’d be good for a few beers and a good debate.

  3. My answers:

    1. Who would I want to meet/hang out with?
    This is probably the toughest of the questions. I guess I’d have to go with Ron. Ron, I’d love to meet you someday. Monday at work, perhaps? Seriously: Bill Clinton. The man knows how to party.

    2. Different century, past or future:
    2259. The last of the Babylon stations is operational, and the Shadow War is in Full force. Coolness abounds.

    3. Where would I move?
    Berlin, San Fransisco or NYC. In that order.

    4. Fictional Character?
    Ross on Friends. Sure, he’s a dork, and has anger management issues, but he’s going to end up with Jennifer Aniston at the end of next season. Can’t pass that up.

    5. Any job?
    General Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates. Get me that job, and heads will roll.

  4. 1. Seann William Scott – gorgeous!
    2. 1890 – the more comforts I have the less comfortable I am.
    3. I’d move to Arizona – hate the cold
    4. Fictional character is a tough one. Probably Betty Boop. She’s so sexy!
    5. I’d definitely want to be a music producer.

    I’m going to see Identity in a couple hours. Heard really good reviews. LOVE Cusak, but not as much as Seann William Scott. I’ll probably see the Monk movie tomorrow. I’m more anxious to see a good twist of fate kind of movie tonight.
    See ya!

  5. 1. Probably Roger Waters.

    2. I’m not sure I’d like to live in any other century. They are all too rife with problems that wouldn’t jive with me: I have glasses, so I’d be delegated to all of the crappy work. Ooh, perhaps I’d like to live a few centuries in the future.

    3. The earth’s core.

    4. I think I’m pretty much living out Sisyphus’ life, but I think I’d like to be the guy from Dark city.

    5. Writer/voice actor for a cartoon. A *good* one, like futurama, family guy, or the simpsons, but when they either a) were still on tv, or b) didn’t completely suck.

    And finally: “‘See ya’. He writes like people talk!”

  6. 1. My maternal grandfather. (Sappy, I know, but there’s always one, right?)

    2. 2017, as it appears in Michael Marshall Smith’s “One of Us”. I’d really like to see the herds of walking, talking coffee makers…

    3. Dublin, Ireland.

    4. Tom Servo.

    5. Movie production designer, or any job working with the Dallas Stars that requires my presence at all games.

  7. Adam: I’m pretty sure I’m a she, but will have my doctors or my lover verify that for you. So, unless you are referring to something else, your see ya comment said, “he” writes like people talk. I’m a she. And I also say “lol” in person to people. So, does that mean I talk like I write too? Interesting, yet so petty.

    See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

  8. It’s a quote from the simpsons. Bart signs someone’s yearbook, and it says, “See ya”. Then, the recipient says, “See ya! He writes like people talk!”.

    Here’s a link to an mp3: http://www.lardlad.com/assets/quotes/season7/summer.shtml

    You should watch the simpsons. It’ll explain probably some of the comments made on this site, and perhaps the content, too. Plus, it’s just a necessary experience in order to stay sane.

  9. Okay, I’ll play.

    1) Bruce Schneier [http://www.counterpane.com/schneier.html] He looks dorky, but the guy is amazing and the clearest living thinker I know on many important topics: privacy, security, digital rights, copyrights, etc.

    2) I’d like to live in the US around 1850 or so. The quality of life is no worse than a camping trip, yet there are still large portions of the contintent that are relatively wild and undiscovered. There’s a strong appeal in going to places that few people have ever seen before.

    3) There are a number of places I’d like: Vancouver, Barcelona, San Francisco. I like large metropolitan areas with great diversity and natural beauty nearby. Of the three, I think Vancouver wins by a nose because it is sooo beautiul up there despite being the youngest of the three.

    4) I’m not coming up with any fictional characters I’d like to be. I’m surprised by that.

    5) A bicycle messenger in San Francisco. It’s insane and its hard work, but damn those guys are tough.

  10. By the way Adam, I LOVE Roger Waters. No, I don’t watch the Simpsons, but remarkably considering I watch less than 1 hour of TV per week, I have actually seen a few episodes, but obviously not that one, duh…or should I say doooohhh! If I ever have time to watch TV, I’ll make sure I look for a Simpsons episode! But truly I prefer being insane! lol

  11. Just wanted to make a note for all you picky grammar experts out there. I left out a comma in my last post. It should be inserted after “remarkably”.

  12. Posting something new everyday huh, Ron? You must be busy or something. It’s been awhile and I’m getting bored, ho hum.

  13. Oh, and yes, I’m not afraid to admit I don’t have a life because I have a 12 year, a full time job and a huge house to take care of by myself, both financially and with regards to upkeep! I’ll find another site to live vicariously through!

    See YA!

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