Dino got married

I highly doubt any of this one will seem coherent. Oh well.

This past week was interesting… and a good interesting. I’m not going to recap it day by day, because that always brings to mind just how pathetic my memory is. I’ll just mention some of the highlights:

Had a meeting for the new softball team, featuring Tuuk, Adam, Mark, Joel, Jplant, and myself. It’s going to rule. Afterwards, Jplant, Tuuk, Joel, and I headed off to Max and Ermas for dinner. I was reprimanded by the server (some guy.. I don’t like him) for putting cream and sugar in my coffee.

Thursday was a good day… a very good day. I got my Tux [for the wedding that weekend], met gorgeous women, even managed to not look like a complete tool in front of at least one of them, I hope. Hung out with my brother, Jeff, and my nephew much of the evening. It was a lot of fun.

Friday was the wedding rehearsal for Kenton and Selena’s wedding. Kenton has been one of my best friends since 8th grade. Afterwards, it was off to Beachwood Inn for dinner. First it was salads, then they showed up with a plate of chicken, so I grabbed some, and some potatoes, and vegetables, and onion rings, and breaded mushrooms, and bread. A full meal, for sure. Then they showed up with a plate of beef. I thought “Ok, we get a choice of chicken or beef.. well that beef looks good, so I’ll have both. It’ll be a big meal, but oh well.” So I took some beef. Then they showed up with ribs. At this point, there was enough food to feed a small country. I took some ribs. Then they showed up with a plate full of ham. Now there was enough to feed all of civilization. I took some ham. That meal was good! After dinner, I rushed home, and caught the majority of Ed, and it was grand. I hope they don’t cancel the show, but if they do, at least it ended with a completed storyline.

Saturday I woke up early, and headed off to Sven‘s place to wash my car. Then it was off to Kenton’s wedding. I have pictures to describe that whole thing. I used to think it was weddings that depressed me, but I’m pretty sure it’s receptions that do it. That having been said, Kenton and Selena’s wedding was really, really nice, and I was very glad/honored to be a part of it. And I had a really good time at the reception too (Selena’s brothers are really good guys.) The drive home, and being home afterwards were where the depression ans self loathing snuck in. Amaretto came in handy.

Anyway, I’m exhausted, so that’s all I’m going to say for now. It was a good week, for the most part, with a few disappointments. I’m kinda excited about this week, too.

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