Thursday I don’t care about you, It’s Friday, I’m…… at home, alone, playing Metroid.

I’m sitting here in my living room. It’s Friday night, about 10:30. I’ve just started watching A River Runs Through It. (So far, it’s about fishing. If you’ve not done so already, quick go and read Andy’s Blog, because it’s excellent.

Okay, so a little “here’s what I’ve been up to” stuff. I said I was going to talk about the lan party, so I’ll do that first. So I got the house all set up (well, vacuumed and picked up, anyway), then around 10ish Alan showed up, followed by Joel and Adam. Adam had brought a table, so we got that situated in the living room, then started trying to figure out how we would get everyone to fit. Joel kindly pointed out on more than one occasion that I hadn’t planned very well. Anyway, there was the possibility of 8 people showing up (Alan, Andy, Adam, Jay, Joel, BDF, Jho, and Dave), so the quest was to find enough spots to fit them all. After some doing, we did indeed have enough spots… we just didn’t have enough chairs. A few phone calls later we were all set, and the gaming began. The games were quite good, with some actual teamwork and strategy developing in time. There were some truly epic battles, including one overtime match that much have lasted nearly a half an hour, and featured the outstanding, game-saving efforts of a lowly bot: Lockdown. Zooming instagib is pure joy, and much fun was had by all. As the day wound down, it was down to Jho, Dave, Joel, and myself. We continued to play for a few hours, then Jho and Dave jetted, and I got the house back to normal, and then Joel and I went of to Max and Ermas for dinner, which was good. The rest of Saturday is a blur, mainly because my memory sucks.

Sunday was church. Afterwards I ended up talking to Christy for quite some time, then heading off to the Veldhof’s for another fine Sunday dinner. Afterwards, it was home, then a nap, then I tried to reteach myself Java for a while. So far, that hasn’t been going so good. We’ll see if that project ever gets completed. Monday was work, then Cathy came over in the evening,and so Robb, Swac, and I hung out with her that evening. Near midnight, she decided she desired pancakes, so Robb and I joined her at Steak and Shake for pancakes, and shakes, and cheesy fries. It was good. Tuesday night the roads sucked, big time. The drive to the Pick took 45 minutes, and the drive back took a full hour. But it was worth it, as I had a good time with Alan, Joel, and Adam that evening. I’ve discovered that I drive better in the snow if I’m on the phone. (less overcompensation). Wednesday I got to work from home on account of the snow [and there was much rejoicing]. In the evening I hopped over to Steve and Julie’s place for Ed, then we played 9-5-2 for more than an hour. Thursday evening my parents were in town to celebrate my nephew, Steven’s 2nd birthday. So the whole family (Mom, Dad, Jeff, Rebecca, Steven, Amy, Kristin, and myself) got together, and went out to Ruby Tuesdays for Supper, then headed back to Jeff and Rebecca’s place for a while. When I got back home, Swac, Mandace, and I watched Friday. Quality. Then today was work, then I returned home, and played Metroid Prime for a few hours. A River Runs Through It is now over, and the verdict is in: It was about fishing.

So I fell asleep. Not exactly sure how, but I just woke up, and it’s tomorrow, so I’m pretty positive that I did, in fact, fall asleep. That’s becoming more common these days. A lesser man would likely say it’s a sign that I’m not getting enough sleep at night, and ought to do something about it, but I’ve decided it’s just low grade narcolepsy, and must be fought with caffeine and late night movie viewings.

My friend, Jeff Bandstra, is getting married in a couple of months. So are my friends Brad and Heather. And my good friend Kenton is getting married quite soon. [While searching for their engagement announcement, I found out every other guy from my old youth group, and the majority of my high school class (and the year below me) is also getting married, so I stopped looking.] So a lot of people are getting married, and as the spring and summer start up, it’ll start the whole “marriage season” up again, where weekend plans revolve around if you do or do not have a wedding to go to, and that’s all fine and good. It’ll be good to hang out with my friends in Illinois/Indiana at Jeff’s wedding, and I’ve been waiting for Kenton to get married for a while now, as his relationship has seemed like match made in heaven since the start. What makes these weddings different from most of the other weddings I’ve been to is this: I was right there when the relationship started. The only other wedding like that that I can recall being at was my cousin Steve’s. And it’s both kinda nice (you’ve got that memory of the person before the relationship, and now get to see them go full circle), and kinda strange (well, what the hell have I been doing the past 2,3,4,5, years then?!) The entire Illiana crew is engaged or married now, and when I met them, Steve was engaged, but everyone else pretty much had nothing going. and we’d sit around talking about how we wanted to meet someone, and trying to figure out what we could do. Guess they figured it out.

My friend, Christa, sent me some music by Gary Jules, and it is just plain excellent. Some of you will recall that Gary Jules is the guy that did the cover of Mad World at the end of Donnie Darko. I’ve been listening to him nonstop since getting the cds yesterday. Just another example of why Christa rules, I guess. Besides my little sister, and possibly my cousin, Sven [both of whom have a bloodline connection to me that makes ditching me more difficult], I think Christa is the person I’ve talked to the most in my entire life.. which is kinda funny considering I’ve never heard her voice. Anyway, the fact that after 8+ years of experiencing my insanity she doesn’t run and hide when I show up online is both amazing and very much appreciated. The CDs are excellent, Christa :) Thanks

Today was going to be my nephew’s birthday party, but I just got a call from Jeff saying they are all sick again, and it’s been canceled. So now’s my chance to make some big plans… but as the phone has not been kind of me, I’m feeling a day of cleaning, Metroid Prime, and Deep Space Nine coming on. We’ll see.

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