I am Sam(us).

It has begun, and I am pleased. Robb and I went out this afternoon and played some tennis, and as I was running around like a mad man on the court, I realized just how much I had missed being outside, and running around like a madman. This past week’s weather has been pretty awesome, even the rain.. hrm.. Especially the rain. I like rain, so long as it’s warm out. Rain is fun to watch, fun to walk/stand outside in. Thunderstorms are more interesting than pretty much anything on the WB. Anyway, yes, it’s finally warm, and I’m quite excited about it. Know what else is great? Baseball is starting!

There seems to be an awful lot of people out there up in arms about this war in Iraq. I guess I’ll just say I support what we’re [the USA, and coalition forces] doing over there, and I’m glad we’ve got a leader in power that’s willing to take a firm stand on something, and actually stick to his word. I appreciate the fact that the administration is doing something because they know it to be the right thing to do, and not because it’ll gain some political points. I appreciate history’s tendency to repeat itself, and respect those who seek to prevent past mistakes from happening all over agian. I don’t love war, but I understand that it’s necessary sometimes.

So Monday I headed out to see Jonathan’s band, Craic Wisely. at Founders. It was St. Patrick’s Day, being in a bar, drinking beer, and listening to traditional Irish/Celtic music just felt right. The band was excellent, sounding even tighter than they did Saturday (and I thought they were excellent Saturday.) I think it helped that I had been listening to the Cd quite a bit, and recognized most of the songs. I was there with Joel, and Alan and Junko. Later on Dave showed up (w/ Paul). The Irish dancing guy was there, but he didn’t dance near the marathon jig he did Saturday night.

Tuesday was Pickwick. Wednesday was no Ed, so Robb, Josh, Dusty, and I headed off to Max and Ermas for dinner. Back home, the 4 of us [and Swac and Mandace] played Hand and Foot. I rule at cards. Thursday, Joel, Tuuk, and I had dinner at Max and Ermas, and I received some wolf whistles from one of the lovely hostesses. [I was pleased]. We headed back, played some Set, then they took off. Friday night Robb and I headed off to Damons to watch some of the ncaa tournament, and I got myself a giant steak. It was excellent. Saturday I played Metroid Prime much of the afternoon. Tim Vroom came on over in the evening, and we hung out for a while, then He, Robb, Swac, and I headed off to Max and Ermas for dinner. I got a call from Mindy while I was there, and so she headed on over after we got home. After Duke had proved they were going to win, we watched The Bourne Identity. It was excellent. I’m not a big Matt Damon fan, but I thought he was quite good. It also featured Julia Stiles, who is drop dead gorgeous. I’ll admit, I was rather reluctant to agree that it was in fact Julia Stiles, as other’s mistakes have made me wary of making my own. But yeah, it’s her. After the movie, it was late, so I played Metroid Prime for a few more hours, as I’m determined to beat it this weekend [I get Zelda Monday night, so I’ve got precious little time.]

Spent much of Sunday afternoon playing Metroid Prime. It is now 10pm, and I’ve gotten to the final guy. (I’m assuming that if the game is named after you, you’re the final guy.) I’ve acquired 100% of the items, so the game says I’m at 100% completion… which is misleading, because the final guy has repeatedly handed me my ass. There are apparently [at least.. please please let it be “only”] 2 phases to the final guy. 1 Giant Spider dude, and one floating evil head type dude. I’ve just killed the spider dude, but I didn’t save it afterwards, thinking that I had beaten the game [he was pretty tough.]. But anyway, at least I know how do do that. (The trick is to shoot him, a lot, with every single one of your weapons, and don’t let him hit you with his weapons, or run over you repeatedly.. though apparently you can still kill him if he does that to you… a lot. There, I just saved you $15 on the Strategy Guide.) The evil head dude is more tricky. Apparently, the way NOT to kill him is to stand around dumbfounded as he disappears, reappears, kicks your ass, then disappears again. So, if I just don’t do that, I ought to do better next time. I’ve still got about 2 hours to beat it.. though I think so long as that thing is dead by the time I go to sleep, I’ll call it good. A prediction: I’ll be getting no sleep tonight. So anyway, I’m taking a quick break to settle myself before going after him again.

Update: it’s 10:45. My ass is currently sitting nicely in the living room, handed to me on a silver platter by Evil head dude. I can take down Spider dude no problem now (No problem means I only lose half of my health to him.).

Update : It’s 12:05, and I just finished watching the ending cinema, etc.. from Metroid Prime. Turns out if you attack that evil Head dude, you have a good chance of hurting him. Either way, I reckon I beat the game before midnight, and I’m awfully proud of myself. It just goes to show, if I set my mind to something, there’s no telling how many tasks that have no bearing on the world at large or my love life I can accomplish.

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