Midnight meal.

At heart, I guess I’m still just a 16 year old .

And now for something completely different. Thursday was a good day. I woke up early, and got to work. After months of work, and much frustration, Dave and I were finally able to put The Message Bible up on the Bible Gateway, and there was much rejoicing. So much of the day was devoted to that. Later on in the day, Kristin came on over, and she and I joined Mindy at Max and Ermas. Kristin is funny. It would appear she has now made it her mission at restaurants (perhaps just Max and Ermas) to see what she can get. So we had this new server guy who didn’t really seem to know what was up, so Kristin helped him out. She started by ordering the Market Toss salad, which has been off of the menu for at least a month now. Snippets of conversations went like this:

Kristin : Hi there. I’ll have the market toss salad.

Waiter dude : Oh…. We…don’t have that anymore.

Kristin : You think you could check and see if they could make it? They’ve always let me have it before. I just had it Sunday…

Waiter dude : Um.. Yeah, I can check that out for you.

Kristin : Thanks. So I’ll have that, and if they can’t make that, I’ll take something else.

So that’s all fine and good, no big deal, we’ve ordered things not on the menu many times. The waiter comes back, and announces that she can, indeed, have the market toss salad. She was pleased. The meal continued.

Waiter dude : Can I interest you all in some dessert?

Kristin : Can we have some of the free desserts?

Waiter dude : What?

Kristin : You know, like, free sundae bar, or something?

Waiter dude : Um.. I guess I could grab some sundae cups for you.

Kristin : That would be great! You’ll get a big tip.

So that was a paraphrase, but that’s pretty much how it went. I just sat in awe and wonder as she used her charms to once again gain us all free sundaes. What can I say, Kristin is quite, quite good.

So after dinner, we headed on back to my place, and watched Friends, and Will and Grace and Scrubs, and a new Good Morning, Miami, and another Friends, and another Will and Grace. Good stuff. I seem to recall tossing a can of pop to Kristin, and her (and Mindy) watching it hit the table, and explode. That was unfortunate. After they jetted, I lifted weights for a while, and at some point I headed off to sleep.

Friday. Friday was work. I got a call from my friend, Gwen, while I was at work, and she ended up coming over Friday night. We hung out, talked, and play video games most of that night. After she took off, I watched some Deep Space 9 episodes, then headed off to sleep.

Saturday was the lan party. It was great. I’ll talk about that eventually, but I’m pretty tired right now. I just got back from Steak and Shake. Cathy, Robb, and I headed out for a midnight meal. I’m too tired to keep writing.

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