Everything gets the finger.

This will be quite quick, because I’m pissed about so very many things currently, all at a time when I ought to be at the very least content, that letting myself speak will likely just offend the majority of you, get me excommunicated from my church, get me fired from my job, and insult and anger an entire genre/ethnicity of people.

But two things:

1. I answer some support emails as part of my job. As such, I put at least a little thought into what I say, and if I’ve ever made a mistake, I feel bad about it, and try to fix it. Well, I wrote this email to Musicians Friend [I’m not linking to them, because they’re bastard people] the other day, and it said this:

I recently purchased a Fender DG-16E-12 12-String Acoustic-Electric (Product #510249) from your site, and was hoping to find a case for this guitar as well. As guitar sizes and shapes vary between products and makers, I was wondering if 1.) There was a way to find out which cases are compatible to which guitars on the site 2.) You could let me know which cases you supply would work for this new guitar.

So far so good. A day or so later I get a response (okay, so I got like 4 auto responses first):

Response (Chase) – 03/19/2003 04:59 PM Thank you for your recent inquiry. Most standard dreadnought cases will have about 4 inches left where the headstock goes, the manufacturers are aware of the need for 12 string cases, below is a list of what type of case I would recommend. Feel free to place an order online or by phone at 1-800-776-5173 24 hours a day.
If you have any further questions please give us a call at 1-800-776-5173. We appreciate you choosing Musician’s Friend.

Excellent. So I bought one of the cases, and a week later it arrives. I grab the guitar, and put it in there… well, I tried to. The damn thing doesn’t come close to fitting, and I am pissed. So I email back, asking what the deal was, and get this response:

Thank you for your inquiry. Based on the information we had been given. It looked to us as if the Musicians Friend Case we sold you would have fit your Fender 12 string. You were more than welcome to get a 2nd opinion by contacting Fender’s website or them directly to insure the correct information.

In other words: “We didn’t really bother to check, but it’s still your fault. Bye.” Musicians Friend gets the finger.

2. The other day, early in the morning, it sounded like my next door (read the floor below us.. the cute girls..) were playing Mario Bros. and BLASTING the sound. It was at first funny, then annoying, as it lasted quite some time. Brian informed me the other day of the true culprit. Check it out: [link]

9 thoughts on “Everything gets the finger.

  1. Words can not describe how loud it was. I really thought it was being *blasted* from the floor right below me, and it was about a mile away.
    Um.. yeah… looking back on it, it’s quite funny.

  2. You seem to miss the part where I said it was quite funny. Bowel throttling is reserved for jackasses of this world… when they’re not busy reeping the benefits of their jackassedness.

  3. I dunno, Ron. I get pretty upset when my sleep is upset. That’s just what I would have done. Alarm clock, kindly grandmother bringing me date cookies – reap the same whirlwind.

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