The Smurf Philosophy: What’s the point of living if…

So here’s the thing: Daredevil looks horrible.

And here’s the other thing: Lewis Black is hilarious.

So last time I wrote was Sunday, I think. Here’s a quick run-through of the week:

  • Monday: I went to work, but got home early cause the network connection was flaky. Worked for a few hours, then fell asleep. I woke up around 1:30, talked to some people for a while, then went back to sleep.
  • Tuesday: I woke up, after getting plenty of sleep, and I was still tired. So sleep officially gets the finger. Honestly, what’s the point? I can get behind the whole “sleep is enjoyable” thing. Any sleep from about 4am – 5pm is good, enjoyable sleep… so long as you’re not supposed to be sleeping. Honestly, I take more joy in the half hour of sleep I get in the car on the drive to work than I do in any of the sleep I get at home… and I wake up from that with a messed up neck and no clue what the hell is going on. So before I used to think that maybe if I got a bit more sleep, I wouldn’t hate the mornings so much.. turns out that just ain’t true. Mornings suck, and that’s why I hate them. I don’t have a good reason for the afternoons and evenings yet, but I bet it’ll involve bitterness, apathy, and something about dreams going unfulfilled. So Tuesday was work, then afterwards, I worked out for a while, headed off to the Pickwick, then crashed at Joel and Adam‘s place. By the way, I totally suck at Tetris.
  • An aside:

    Seriously, commercials are horrible. Who honestly comes up with these things. And who, after that, thinks “Hrm.. .yeah.. I could see spending millions of dollars to send a bunch of buffalo running across a highway to advertise a pair of really ugly jeans?” Or every single truck commercial that shows a truck doing something that a truck can’t do.. then the little caption mentioning that there’s no way the truck could do what they’re saying it could do. What’s up with that!? Show me what the thing can do. Seems like the entire advertising world needs to watch the Muppets take Manhattan. (Soap.. it gets you clean). Oh, and another thing: Make Simpsons funny again. That is an order. Aside over.

  • Wednesday: Work, yada. Then I headed home, then off to Sven and Julies to watch Ed, which wasn’t on, so we played euchre for a while, and I totally sucked. Afterwards I met up with Joel, Mark, Alan, etc.. at Founders, which was good stuff. They’ve got peanuts,and you just toss the shells on the floor. That’s fun. So I stayed to 2ish, then headed home. I don’t remember what when on after that.
  • Thursday: Worked from home all day. Cut my hair. Cleaned my house.

    Another Aside

    Who in their right mind watches Boston Public?

    So Thursday night I met up with Swac, and his brother, Pete, and Mandace at Fridays. We headed back to the house, afterwards, and watched Donnie Darko, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite movies of all time. I’m working on my interpretation of it now. Afterwards, I worked out for a while, then stayed up too late.

  • Friday: For the first time in as long as I can remember, I had a good Friday. Work was a lot of fun. We watched a Star Trek The Next Generation episode during lunch (The Inner Light), and things were just kinda funny. Afterwards, Robb, Mindy, and I headed out to Damons, then we saw Just Married with some of Mindy’s work friends. It was fairly predictable, but I laughed a few times. Then we headed home, and I eventually headed off to sleep.
  • Saturday: I blew much of the day playing Metroid Prime. Seriously, that game is amazing. I had it a few more times where I was actually scared while playing. I find that to be the mark of a good game, (and a frightening sign of my underlying wussyness). Then Robb and I headed off to Max and Ermas, where we were eventually joined by Alan. So he met Tressa, and got to enjoy the goodness that is Max and Ermas of Grandville. Was good stuff. Then it was home, then I worked on my Sunday School lesson while talking to Christa for a few hours.. then watched a few Home Movies eps, then fell asleep.
  • A Third Aside

    No one needs to eat yogurt while skateboarding. That’s simply a product created without any demand for it. The creators of Gogurt should be shot.

  • Sunday: That’s today. Woke up, headed off to church. Then taught sunday school. My sunday school book this section sucks. So last time I taught I asked the kids to write down any question about Religion, Christianity, etc. they might have, and I’d do research and try to answer them. So I had 3 questions to answer for today: 1.) Did Adam and Eve have belly-buttons? 2.)Can God make a rock so big that even He can’t lift it? 3. Why do people around the world serve different religions? Pretty fun questions actually. So even with all of that, and the whole lesson, it only took 30 minutes. It’s hard to fill an hour. I have nothing but respect for good teachers. So afterwards, I headed off to the Veldhof’s place for dinner, as we were celebrating David’s birthday. After that, I headed home, played Metroid Prime all afternoon, then headed into my room, talked to Christa much of the night, and worked on this. The end.

So I’ve got all these pictures and reminders of good things set up pretty much anywhere I spend decent amounts of time. And I kinda thought it was because I’m in a sad/bad/depressed mood a fair amount. But now I think it’s not because I’m sad often, but because I can get sad so quickly. It just doesn’t take much. One moment I’m fine, then one little thing happens, and I’m gone. These little reminders keep me grounded. And they’ve become so important throughout the years that now I take some with me wherever I go. Hrm.. Maybe that’s sad… or neurotic. Turns out I don’t care either way. If it works for me.. meh.

3 thoughts on “The Smurf Philosophy: What’s the point of living if…

  1. yeah, I’m with you on the first aside. Truck ads piss me off. I want the one where the truck makes the airplane take off to have a big disclaimer about how the truck can’t even go fast enough to make a plane lift off, let alone while hauling twenty times its own mass. But instead it says “dramatization”. Maybe Pepsi can start making ads where their drinks cure cancer (instead of causing it… freaky freaky blue substance) and ressurect the dead and they can put a little caption that says “dramatization.”

    I heard somewhere that in France you’re not aloud to depict a vehicle doing something it can’t do or being somewhere it can’t actually drive to. Genius.

    Also, that’s not the worst of it. Basically every commercial break there are representations or statements that are at least as false and even more asinine than that truck one. Damn them all.

    On the other hand, that one about the football player who tackles office workers is funny. I heard yesterday on the radio that it was the most Tivo’d part of the super bowl, and that people were actually replaying it while the game was going, instead of watching the game.
    In related news, all you Tivo users: they know what you’re doing to this level of precision.

  2. Hrm.. Crap. So now my “brain function is degraded”…

    I’ve got a little problem with this idea though:”If you’re bored, you’re awake, you’re just bored. If you’re bored and you fall asleep, you’ve got a sleep debt.”

    I’ve got a roommate that could sleep for 36 hours straight, wake up, eat a little, get bored, and take a nap. That ain’t sleep deprivation, that’s just someone that sleeps as a hobby.

    The solution is obvious, though: Mandatory 1 hour nap periods from 3pm-4pm every weekday.

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