it was funny, and then it wasn’t

I’ve been thinking about changing my room around for the last month or so. One would think that something so relatively unimportant wouldn’t take so long to plan ahead for, but you’ve got to understand that I tend to hate change. For the past 12 years or so, I’ve tried to keep my room (well, any room that I use that I have at least some control over, like my bathroom, or my current kitchen and living room) well organized and consistent, so that I could find pretty much anything I needed to in the dark, without having to search around for hours. There’s just something nice and comforting about knowing where everything is, as though you’ve got this small haven where everything obeys you, and you can enjoy complete control. I guess I see ignorance as a loss of control, even if it’s just not knowing where duct tape is [closet, right side, first shelf, but the Windex.]

All this segues nicely to the next thing: Joel introduced me to m@b the other day. It can best be described as a blog in comic strip form. I think it’s both brilliant and funny. So I quickly became a huge fan, and now hope to throw a handful of non-budgeted money at him in hopes of acquiring just about anything he has to sell. Anyway, I was reading through his stuff the other night, and I came upon this, which made me laugh for a while, and then I just stopped:


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