I know I’m no superman.

Brace yourself…

My Week

Monday: Work. We’ve been watching Scrubs episodes on the projection screen during lunch, and that show is still amazingly funny, even when I’ve seen these episodes 2 or 3 times in the past month. That’s the sign of a good show. Joel and I have been keeping up the “eating fruit with each meal” thing, and it makes lunch suck a lot less. then something. I think I played Metroid Prime for a few hours. By the way, that game continues to be excellent. It’s everything I wanted Starfox Adventures to be, but wasn’t. Giant landscapes, non-linear maps, a vast array of enemies, all with specific strengths and weaknesses, challenging bosses with complex strategies for defeating them, multiple weapons with actual differences between them, puzzles that aren’t easily solved by blind sea-monkeys, a plotline that is both followable and seemingly relevant (i.e. you actually desire to perform the mission you’ve been assigned. I was fine with letting them dinosaur planet freaks fry, I didn’t care.), suspense that is actually suspenseful, and a soundtrack that I would love to listen to apart from that game. It’s just that good. So I’m thinking I did something else on Monday… I watched Happy Texas, then I think I listened to the Donnie Darko audio commentary (the 1st one). It was excellent. So that started at about 1, so I got to sleep sometime after 3. I’m a genius.

Tuesday: Work. We watched more Scrubs, and by now we’d gathered quite a group that was watching (9, I think..). One thing I don’t like about my job is that there are occasions where all of my work depends or waits upon someone else from some other company doing something first. I’m the type of guy that wants things to get done, so I can cross them off my list. If things just kinda sit around for a while because of someone else’s inadequacies, inefficiencies, or stupidity, I get upset and impatient. I can handle it if it’s something that’s complex and could take a long time. But if it’s merely sending me something you’ve got just sitting there, and you just “didn’t get around to it” for a month, I’m going to hate you. It’s that simple. If everybody does what they’re told, no one will get hurt. So after work I was home for a short bit, then the Pickwick, which was good stuff. No Alan or Adam though. And even without Adam, Home Movies was the topic of discussion for quite some time. Mark does a wicked Coach McGuirk. After the Pick, I headed on home, and eventually faded off to sleep, though I think I talked to Christa into the early hours of the morning. I did that a few times that week, and which day was which is a little hazy.

Wednesday: Work. We ended up watching more Scrubs episodes, but to do so we had to take lunch quite late (1ish), which makes the 2nd half of the work day go by quite fast. (consequently, the morning seemed strangely longer. go figure). Anyway, after work, it was a new Ed. For those of you not keeping up with the series, I’ll bring you up to speed: There’s a new girl, Frankie, that’s joined Ed’s law practice as Ed’s law partner (seems like she slides between partner and assistant. She does the work of an assistant, but they call each other partner. You get the basic idea, It’s still Ed’s practice, but she’s a really good lawyer too, or something like that. So she’s got a boyfriend, but you’ve only seen him once, and you know he serves no real purpose other than to allow her and Ed to get close quickly without there being that “why aren’t they dating already” sexual tension that would otherwise be there. Well, she hasn’t broken up with her boyfriend yet, but it’ll happen eventually. (if I had a dollar for every time I’ve said that sentance..) Anyway, about once per episode for the last month or so, you get the scene when Ed, Carol, and Frankie are in the same room, and Frankie and Ed connect on something for some reason, and you get the happy music turning sad, and you zoom in on Carol looking uncomfortable and kinda sad. Now, I want Ed to hook up with Carol, and if he hooks up with Frankie I’ll be kinda pissed, even though I actually really like her. But at the same time, it’s nice to see Ed finally happy, cause he’s spent the last season and a half completely miserable, and he deserves better than that. But at the same time, Ed said some things a number of episodes ago that still have me quite angry with him, so who knows. Meanwhile, Molly is now the principal at the school, and has made it her mission to help a student geek fit in better at school, and at the same time, is working on hooking up with this kid’s dad. (He’s a fireman). Dr. Mike Burton has given up his own practice, and rejoined Dr. Jerome, but now and a full fledged partner. We haven’t seen Warren in forever, and that makes us sad. Up to speed? Excellent. So I watched Ed with Mindy, then she and I watched Citizen Kane, which I had never seen before. Now, just due to pop culture references, I knew what Rosebud was (Animaniacs lyric: There was a sled named Rosebud and a Citizen named Kane. He rode it til the snow was melted now he’s singing in the rain.. Yes, I know both the whole song, and the whole album by heart. You doubt me? United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru. Republic Dominican, Cuba, Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too. Don’t make me continue. Nobody wants that.) Anyway, that mystery I already knew, so about halfway through the movie I wasn’t sure if I liked it, and if so, how much. But the end I had decided that it was an excellent movie, and that Orson Welles did an amazing job. It’s not a movie I’d watch over and over again.. it’s no Donnie Darko. But it was quite good, and I’m glad I finally watched it. After that, I went to sleep, which was weird, cause it wasn’t that late.

Thursday: Work from home day. I woke up around 7:30, which is just unheard of on a Thursday. I shoot for the “wake up at 8 o’clock on the dot”, then work for 2 or 3 hours before I even both to shift my position in bed. But I was feeling energetic. (Any attempt to link this to the “I went to bed earlier the night before” will fail miserably, so don’t even try it. I probably woke up Wednesday night later on and talked online or something anyway) So I worked, and cleaned, trimmed my hair up a bit. (It still need work), I cleaned out my closet. Here’s the deal: I never sought to be a nerd.. that wasn’t one of those things I was striving to achieve before I turned 25 or something. Thus my apparent success at doing so is a bit… um… puzzling? I present to you people’s exhibitsA and B Yeah, pretty damning evidence. Add in my bookshelf filled with Star Wars and Star Trek books, and you’ve got the total package. Since I’m liking to pictures, check out This. It’s adorable.

So Thursday night, Joel, Tuuk, and Adam headed on over to my place, and then we all took off for Max and Ermas. Now, I knew I was in for some ridicule, but was still hoping that there would be at least some sign that I was known fairly well at this place, as I talk about it quite a bit. I used to go on Thursdays a fair amount, whether I was having lunch or dinner with Kristin, or Mindy, etc. But I haven’t been there on a Thursday in a while, and I wasn’t sure who would be working, though I knew Tressa would not be. So we show up, and I knew the hostesses, so I requested a table for 4, and we waited. The fact that we had to wait didn’t go without comment… Anyway, eventually the hostess, Karen, calls for “Ron”, and we sit down. Turns out our server was Annie. Annie was training under Tressa at least a month and a half or so ago, and was introduced to my roommates and me then. So she shows up, sees me, and asks “So, do you miss Tressa?” Classic. From that point on, the comments continued from my 3 dinner companions, but it no longer mattered, as my reputation as Max and Ermas devotee had been secured. The things some people choose to be proud of.. sad, isn’t it? I still find it charming. So after a fine meal, we headed to my place. Adam took off, [insert demeaning joke about Adam here], So Tuuk, Joel, and I played Trivial Pursuit for a while. Mandace and Swac showed up, and later Cathy joined us as well, And we started up The Shining. That movie is quite disturbing. That’s the kind of movie I find scary. Not the slasher, kill billions of people and people jumping around corners all the time, but the constantly building suspense, followed by brief flashes of disturbing images. When the kid was just riding around on his big wheel, you almost die with each turn he takes, not daring to know what terror lies ahead. And those twins…The twins in and of themselves were frightening, but then it got worse.. much worse. My hats off to Jack Nicholson for playing his role so effectively and convincingly. There just seems to be something off with him to begin with.. like his smile always seems half crazy to begin with. So for him to play a man who goes crazy seems like a perfect fit, and he does an outstanding job. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it.

Friday: Friday was work. For lunch we went to Pizza Hut, which was fun as usual. We stayed at work unusually late, then headed on home. I logged some more time on Metroid Prime, then headed off to GR, and met up with the group (Joel, Mark, Tuuk, Jplant, Adam, the Other Mark, et. al.) at Mulligans, and stayed there for quite some time. Then Jeff took me to Joel’s, Adam hooked me up with a blanket and I was asleep instantly.

Saturday: I woke up around 10 or 10:30, and headed on home. I played Metroid Prime for a few more hours until a headache became too much to bear. So I did some cleaning, then headed off to Meijer to purchase food for a new diet/workout routine I’m starting. Jay and SteveR at work are doing this Body for Life diet, and I’ve decided to give it a go as well. The basic idea, as I understand it, is that I have to eat 6 meals a day. Each meal consists of a portion of protein and a portion of carbohydrate (A portion being roughly defined as the size of your fist.) 2 of the meals have to include a portion of vegetables as well. Along with the eating habit, 3 days a week (every other day) you do a cardiovascular workout. For me, it’ll be my exercise bike. But there’s a particular way you have to do it: If a scale exists where 1 is the easiest a workout could be, and 10 is so difficult that you can not possibly do any more, a workout is supposed to go something like this: Start with 2 minutes at 5, then a minute at 6, then then next 4 minutes go from at 6 up to 9, staying at 9 for a full minute, then back down to 6. Next 4 minutes go back to 9 as before. do this one more time., then the 4th time, go up to 10 and stay there for a minute. then go back down to 5 for a minute, and call it good. So a 20 minute workout. I did it once just to test it out, and it takes a lot out of you. The the opposite 3 days I’ll be doing a predefined upper body workout that involves free weights and specific lifts and repetitions. So that’s what I’ll be starting Monday. Should prove interesting. I’d like to see results, but I’m currently a bit skeptical.

So I went shopping, since I needed a lot of protein, and there were specific foods I needed to buy. I now have a ton of Tuna and eggs. I’ve been teaching myself different ways to cook eggs. Right now I’m quite taken with soft boiled, though a ham omelet sounds really good as well. So after shopping, and getting that all taken care of, it was about dinner time, so I took Sven, Julie, and Swac out to ..good guess!, Max and Ermas for dinner. It was pretty crowded, but we were able to get into Tressa’s section. It was quite good, as always. Afterwards we headed back to my place, and played some euchre, then Mandace came, and we played “the card game.” I take my job as scorekeeper quite seriously, doling out penalty points and criticisms where I deem necessary. Afterwards, Sven and Julie jetted, and Swac, Mandace, and I watched Clerks, while I worked on my Sunday School lesson. I had 6 more questions to answer for my class, and they proved to be quite good again:

  1. How can God have existed before we/anything was made?
  2. Did any animals die on the ark?
  3. Who was Hazarmaveth?
  4. Why were there 12 Disciples, instead of 11 or 13?
  5. Why do the Egyptians[Palestinians/Arabs] hate the Israelites?
  6. Why did God create us if He knew we would fail?

I thought those were some pretty impressive questions for 7th and 8th graders to ask. We got to delve into Physics, Philosophy, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, and I ended up getting a good plug for the Bible Gateway in there too. So after the movie I went to bed.

Sunday: I woke up, made it to church on time for once, then it was Sunday School, and I finally made the lesson last the full hour, thanks in large part to those question I had to answer, and the kids seemed to actually pay attention, which was a nice bonus. After Sunday School I headed off to the Veldhof’s place for dinner, which was wonderful as always. Then I headed home, and started working on this site. I added an Interpretations section, where I can put my take on movies, songs, books, etc. I then watched Donnie Darko again, with the 2nd commentary track, then wrote my interpretation. I kinda lost steam on my whole interpretation, just because the more you watch it, the more complex it gets. I have a hard time telling if Frank is good or evil. I want him to be evil, but he does some good, so I’m torn. Either way, the movie rules, and I hope my abbreviated take on the movie doesn’t suck too much.

I really hope I go to Italy this summer. I really hope this coed volleyball thing pans out. And I hope it gets warm soon, and those people that have been sick lately feel better really soon (as in, right now.

. Well, it’s 2, and that means I’m done, having sat down here 10 hours ago and all. PO

One thought on “I know I’m no superman.

  1. Today’s cartoon from Dilbert’s page-a-day, Feb 10…

    Frame 1
    Dilbert and fellow worker (marketing droid? can’t tell for sure) are sitting at a table. Marteting droid says, “I’ll get this information for you.”

    Frame 2
    Dilbert replies, “No you won’t. You’ll wait until I hunt you down and then you’ll say we were too busy.”

    Frame 3
    Dilbert and Dogbert are sitting on a couch. Dilbert explains, “Today I started hating people in advance.” Dogbert replies, “It saves time.”

    Ron, you work in a Dilbert world.

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