What a weekend.

What a weekend.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up.

Okay, I’ll tell you all about it. Let’s start with when last I wrote about things going on: Monday. Monday was uneventful. (Uneventful –> For the life of me, I can’t remember what happened.). I seem to recall going to work, and odds are while I was there I did some work. Then I went home, and ate some food, then worked out/lifted weights for a couple hours while watching What Women Want. The movie itself was fairly entertaining, but I’ve got a problem with those movies/TV shows/etc… where it’s basically a jackass guy who after some bizarre incident comes to decide that all men are jerks like he was, and the only way people can be truly good people is if they turn into women.. or at least at as much like women as possible. I’ve got news for you, there are a lot of jackass women out there, and a lot of good guys. I guess that kinda thing isn’t as marketable though. For my part, I will likely always associate that movie with intense pain in the arms and shoulders.. (I overdid it with the weights I think.). Afterwards, I talked with my friend Christa for quite some time, and then spent a number of hours writing. Thanks to those people who said they enjoyed that one, that meant a lot.

Tuesday I seem to recall going to work again. I was eating leftover lasagna all week for lunch, and it was pretty good. I got home and blew a few hours playing the guitar, then it was a long shower, then off to the Pickwick. I found that Tuesday night to be especially funny, but I think I was just in one of those “everything is funny” kinda moods. Beer helps that mood quite a bit.

Wednesday I woke up late. I’m fairly certain I woke up to my phone’s alarm, proceeded to try answering it, saw that the caller id screen said “Wake Up“, assumed it must have been the wrong number, and went back to sleep. I then woke up to David calling, wondering how close to the meeting point I was. Yea. So after work, I headed home, and since it was a new Ed, Mindy and Steve came on over. Afterwards we played some cards, then they took off, and I had a new toy to play with. So this site is now running on a nice and shiny Black Athlon XP 1800 w/ 512MB yada yada yada.. It’s better than the P1-200 it was running on before, and hopefully I won’t have any more problems with the NIC fading in and out for no good reason. So yeah… a total of 6 minutes of downtime in that server upgrade. I was pleased. Then I lifted weights for a while, rode the bike for a while, then eventually faded off to bed.

Thursday was work from home day, and I had a full list of things I was hoping to attack, but little problems kept seeming to come up, which was annoying. I did get the major project I wanted to get done finished, so I called the day a success. After work I spent about 3 hours cleaning my room and my bathroom (full clean: shower, shower curtain, wet-mopping the floor, etc..) Once that was done, I went back to playing the guitar until Cathy showed up. With Cathy over, Swac, Mandace, Cathy, and I watched Caddyshack. Now I’d never seen the movie all the way through, but I’ve seen the ending a few times on TV.. and had always heard/assumed it was some sort of comedy classic. After viewing it, I’m kinda under the impression that sometime in the late 70’s there were a bunch of guys in a room smoking a lot of pot trying to come up with a great way to see lots of breasts and pay back a favor to Rodney Dangerfield at the same time… and this movie was the result. I will say that Chevy Chase was excellent, though. After that, I managed to not fall asleep for quite some time, and I’m not really sure why. Habit, I guess.

Friday was the big day. We were moving our servers from Muskegon to Grand Rapids, and Joel, David, and I had volunteered to help them out. That meant we could come in a little later than usual, but would be staying quite late. My job was mainly to take pictures and document the thing. To make things easier, I had told Joel and David I’d just head out to Grand Rapids to pick them up that morning. After picking them up, we swung by Best Buy, and I grabbed a larger memory card for my camera. They had my monitor there as well, but once again I chose not to buy it cause I’m kinda stupid, and like screwing myself over. So it was on into work, which was slightly less than productive. We kept having internal internet outages, and then Jay showed me his twelve string guitar, and it was all over. That thing is gorgeous, and makes everything sound good. Needless to say, now I need to have one. So throughout the day I popped into the server room to take a picture or 12, and then around 5:30 or so we decided to head off to Bonikis for dinner, then we’d head back to get prepared. I had brought my Genesis and Columns III to play while we waited to work on things. We would not be playing games that evening. That whole story can prolly be best told through pictures,(They’ll be up soon enough). To make a long story short(er), it was a lot of organized chaos for a long while, but I thought for the most part people pulled together and made the best of a fairly messed up situation. I learned a fair amount about our machines, and how some stuff works. I was reintroduced to why driving late at night in a snowstorm sucks. I also found out that when a lot of people I worked with were getting tired, I was wide awake… but when they hit their second wind, I was done and gone. Not so much sleepy tired as I realized that my body had had enough of being up and working, and until my body was allowed to lay down, my brain was just going to repeatedly stab itself, and purposefully cause me to do dumb things. Stupid brain. Oh yeah, and collocation facilities are really loud… and after a couple of hours, loud == bad )#(R$Q$*and headache. So finally around 9 or so, Joel, Dave, I were free to go. So I dropped Dave and Joel off at Joel’s place, and started for home. It was still really bad on the roads, but I was in a rush to get home, so I could get a couple of hours of sleep before my old roommate Adam showed up. So I hop onto 196, and I’m going along just fine for a while, and all of a sudden I’m not really going fine anymore…. my car seemed to be drifting the wrong way. I guess I reacted a little too slow, cause all the next thing I knew, I was almost perpendicular to the road… I tried straightening her out, but by then I was toast. I spun around completely once while still on the highway, and then I was off into the median, and that’s when the snow completely covered everything so I couldn’t see… that’s when I got really scared, cause I was still going really fast, and I knew I was pretty near some guard rails and cement dealies.. and for all I knew, I could be flying right into the other side of the highway, and then I’d die.. and I’ve got this thing about dying.. basically, I don’t feel like doing that any time soon. After what seemed like years, I came to a stop, and I wasn’t dead, so I was pretty pleased about that… but I was stuck in a ditch, and that wasn’t all that fun. Here’s my reenactment of the events: Avi video. (You have no idea how many times I managed to screw that stupid thing up. Outtakes:1,2,3,4)

So I’m stuck in a ditch. And I was stuck pretty good. So I called my cousin Sven, to see if he had any ideas. He was at work, so eventually he offered to swing out and check it out. As I was waiting for him, some polite people stopped, and I gave them the international sign for “i have a cell phone”. The International Sign for “I have a Cell Phone” –> Take your cell phone, hold it to your ear, then hold it in the air above your head, then bring it back to your ear, then smile and wave at the person to whom you are signaling.). Then a cop shows up on the other side of the highway with his lights on. The events unfolded as follows:

Ron [approaching the police car] : Hi there.

Cop: You were driving too fast.

Ron: I don’t really think so.

Cop: Yeah you were.

Ron: I dunno. I was going along fine, then hit a patch of something and I think I overcompansa–

Cop: Oh sure, that’s what they all say. It’s always the road’s fault..

Ron [thinking: I just said it was my fault… This cop is kind of a dick.]

Ron: Well, I don’t think I was going too fast, but I lost control, yeah.

Cop: Yeah, well, do you have a phone?

Ron: Yeah, I do. I just called my cousin, he should be coming in his truck soon

Cop: No, he’s not.

Ron: Yes he is.

Cop: No, he’s not.

Ron: Yes, he is. I just called him, like 5 minutes ago. He’s on his way.

Cop: No. He’s not going to pull you out. He’s going to get himself killed.

Ron: [thinking: Yup. All signs point to “dick”.]

Ron: I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to imply that he would be pulling me out. I just meant he was coming, cuase he’s got a better idea of what to do than I do.

Cop: Yeah, well, we can’t have people stopping on the roads here, They’re just going to get themselves killed. Got on in the back of the car.

Ron: [thinking: Hrm.. He didn’t even read my my rights.]

I hop into the back of the car, but leave the door open

Cop: So, what wrecker do you want me to call?

Ron:Yeah, I don’t care. I don’t know any, so whomever is closest is fine.

Cop: [does some radio talk involving numbers (715) and gets a tow trick sent, making sure to mention how they are to enter the high way (the Arby’s entrance) and how they are to get the car back on the road (take it from the back end and bring it up that way)].

Cop: So were you headed to or from work?

Ron: Home, from work.

Cop: Ah, so you work 3rds?

Ron: Sigh.. No. It’s been a long day.

Cop: [Notes the speed on his radar gun for passing traffic] [expletives deleted] These people are going to get themselves killed. Look at that! 71! That’s above the speed limit if it were sunny out!

Ron: Yeah. Wow.

I decide to call my cousin and tell him he needn’t come anymore. I got his voice mail, so I left a message.

Cop: You can shut that door.. I’ll let you out when the time comes.

Ron [shuts the door.]

Cop: So what do you do?

Ron: I work with computers

Cop: Yeah? So where’s a good place to buy a used computer in Grand Rapids?

Cop and Ron: [Pointless banter about technology, and how it’s hard to figure out unless you need to use it all the time, yada.]

We see some truck slowing down near my car, but the truck doesn’t look familiar to me at all.

Cop: This anyone you know?

Ron: Nope.

Cop: [Motioning for the truck to just keep on driving] yeah, we can’t have anyone stopping. They’ll get themselves killed.

Ron: [Seeing inside the truck that it was indeed my cousin, Steve, as the truck pulls back onto the highway] Huh. Yeah, that was my cousin. He must have borrowed a different truck.

At this point I think I’d decided that the cop wasn’t all that bad, and we passed the time waiting for the tow truck by clocking the cars that passed, then made comments about how they were all horrible people. Eventually, the cop calls in another cop to help out. My phone rings.

Sven: That you in the back of the cop car?

Ron: Yeah. I’m all set. I’ve got a tow truck coming.

Sven: Oh, okay, you do? Yeah, we wouldn’t have been able to pull you out anyway.

Ron: Yeah.

Eventually that other cop shows up, and parks about a mile behind us, with his lights on as well. The traffic all slows by about 30 MPH at that point. We continued to sit and wait for the tow truck to arrive. Eventually it does, speeding along in reverse on the left lane’s shoulder on the wrong side of the highway.

Cop:Oh, you [expletives deleted]. You’ve got to be [expletives deleted] kidding me, you [expletives deleted]!

Cop [rolling down the window, shouting at the tow truck guy]: Get on the other side!

Tow Truck Guy: No, You’re fine.

Cop: No, get over here, in front of me!

Tow Truck Guy: No, you’re fine right there, I can get it.

Cop: But if you take it from the back, here in front of me–

Tow Truck Guy: Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. I’ve got it.

Cop: [rolling up window.] [expletives deleted] [expletives deleted][expletives deleted]

Cop: Okay, I’ll let you out here. We’ve got to get on the other side, or he’s going to get himself killed.

The cop lets me out, and I walk over to the Tow Truck Guy, who is pulling chains over to my car.

Tow Truck Guy: Hey! How are you doing?

Ron: [thinking: This is why there’s a waiting period when purchasing handguns.]

Ron: I’ve been better.

Tow Truck Guy: Ah. Yeah, this isn’t too bad, I’ve seen way worse.

Ron: Ah. okay. [? um.. Thank you?]

Tow Truck Guy: So how was that cop to ya?

Ron: Not too bad. He gave me a lecture, but that was about it.

Tow Truck Guy: Heh. Gotcha.

So the Tow Truck guy attached the chains and the hook, and started winching the car back to the road. I was in the car, with it in neutral, steering it back onto the road. Then we got to the point where I was supposed to start up the car, and drive it up onto the road while he pulled, but the car refused to start.

Ron: If you do not start this instant, I [expletives deleted] I’ll roll you off a [expletives deleted] cliff you [expletives deleted] piece of–

Car: Click, click.. Vvvvvvvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm

So the car is back on the road, and I go to pay.

Ron: So what’s the damage?

Tow Truck Guy: Hundred.

Ron [thinking: Son of a–]

Ron [grabbing credit card] Here you go.

Tow Truck Guy: [writing down information on the bill slip] So… were you going too fast?

Ron: Heh. Yeah, probably.

Tow Truck Guy [handing me the receipt] : Here you go, you’re all set.

Ron: Thanks

So that sucked. On the drive home, whenever I got about 40 MPH the front driver side wheel started shaking a bit. I’m not yet sure if something is messed up, or if there’s just a ton of snow packed in there or something. Hopefully I’ll get that checked soon. I made it home by about 10:30 at the latest, and after cleaning up my room a bit, I finally got into bed and fell fast asleep.

At around 1, Adam came, and so he and Swac headed on into my room. I told them that Steve was coming over around 1, and they could wake me up then. They informed me that it was 1. I told them my story. Eventually steve showed up, and we went and grabbed some Wendys, then headed back to my place and played bid euchre for a while, until Adam had to leave. Sven took off as well, and I fell asleep, waking only to answer phone calls on occasion. I knew I needed to actually eat another meal (a resolution is a resolution), so I told Swac to wake me up at 8, so we could grab some dinner. At 8 we headed off to Max and Ermas. Tressa was working, and so we got to talk to her quite a bit, which was good. We finally left around 10:30 or 11 and headed home. Eventually, Robb, Mandace, Swac, and I watched Reservoir Dogs, which I hadn’t seen in a while, and is really an excellent movie. After that, I was officially “done”, so I fell into a deep, dark sleep.

Fun stuff from today: My parents were in town, so the whole family (Mom and Dad, Jeff, Rebecca, and Steven, Amy, Kristin, and Me) met up at Max and Ermas for lunch at around 12:45. That was good stuff, as I hadn’t seen many of them for a while now (things seem to have gotten really busy for me lately.. partly by design, and party by coincidence). Kristin, Jamie, and I saw A Guy Thing, which was pretty good. I like everything Jason Lee does, and Julia Stiles is a goddess. Afterwards, I got a hold of Mindy, and she headed on over. We talked for a while, ate some pizza, played Upwords, then watched K-Pax, which is a charming movie. (Screw the super bowl, cause I really just don’t care) Then Mindy took off, and I started writing this. Now it’s past two, and I’m noticing that tired feeling again, so I’m calling it a wrap. All in all, the weekend was one of those that I can look back on and laugh, just because it was so messed up. I didn’t die, though for a few seconds I honestly believed I would. That doesn’t happen all that often (thankfully), so I don’t think I’ll be shaking this feeling any time soon.

6 thoughts on “What a weekend.

  1. That sucks. I did that once, only I did it on baldwin, with my brother and his girlfriend in the car. They were screaming. I was laughing. I also did a few years ago near my parents house, only my putting it in second gear and flooring it, I was able to get my car out.

    Oh, and the wobbling will be snow and dirt in your wheels. Spray ’em out, they’ll be fine. If itwas something like a tierod, you’d notice it right away.

  2. Yeah, I had some weather problems this weekend too. It was ALMOST too cold for me to have been wearing shorts during my golf round yesterday. But what, with all the sun and the black T-shirt I was wearing, I managed.

  3. Thanks Adam. You were indeed right: Snow and dirt in the driver’s side rear wheel. After about a half an hour of poking snow, dirt, and ice out, the car drove just fine this morning. I’m assuming that the snow was the only thing holding it together, and the wheel will just kinda roll off on i’s own on the drive home. Oh well.

  4. Water is an excellent snow and dirt solvent, you could have sprayed it with the hose and cut down on the amount of time you spend on the immasculating task of poking at your wheel with a stick.

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