The Lasagna Incident

I want to write, but I’m not sure what to write about, so this one may come out a bit disjointed as opposed to the well constructed, thesis-worthy posts you’re now accustomed to receiving from me. I’ll start by catching you up on what’s been going on lately, cause my life is so horribly interesting to you that you can’t help but check here 4 times a day to see if I’ve written anything or gained any more weight or something.

An aside

(that didn’t take long at all did it? I’m not even on a subject yet and already I’m interrupting it for something else)

I’m currently listening to Jimmy Eat World. I like them quite a bit. But hearing Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness reminded me of a thought I had while at work the other day: I instantly link things to situations or events, and those links are sealed in my head forever. It’s the worst with music, as pretty much every song has some story to go with it about “this one time, when this song was on, and yada yada yada”. And every time I hear the song from that point on, it’s that memory flashing through my head. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I guess it depends on the memory, eh? It reminds me of this time back when I was in college, and I had some people over to play Settlers of Catan, I believe (I think we watched Office Space afterwards). Anyway, Steve was over, and some R.E.M. came on (from Automatic for the People, I think), and Steve was transfixed. The music reminded him of events from his past… and I sat and watched him, and it was like looking in a fun-house mirror: Here was this song that meant something completely different to Steve and to me, and yet it had this similar effect on us both. And it made me feel good to know that others shared in this power that music had, and it wasn’t just because I had some sort of chemical imbalance. But then there are those albums and songs that I can’t listen to anymore.. not because I don’t like them, but because the memory is too powerful, or painful, or I’m just not feeling emotionally prepared to deal with it… Story:

When my family was set to move from Cleveland to Zeeland, we had our farewell service at the church my dad preached at. The last song we sang was “Lead Me, Guide Me”. Now I did not want to move at all, and I was pretty pissed about the whole thing. Anyway, the song starts, and we get through about one verse and then my mom started crying, and after about 2 seconds, I completely lost it. To this day, I can’t stand that song, I hate singing it, and I loathe the days when it’s part of a service. When my Grandpa was in the hospital, shortly before he passed away, my family, and my Grandma, my cousins, and my aunt were in the room with him, and we sang “How Great Thou Art” together. I still love that hymn, but it’s hard to sing now. Very hard.

Those aren’t the norm, obviously. “Mr. Jones” reminds me of working at the greenhouse with Tim Vroom, and just the two of us slaving away for hours at the tray filler while trying to figure out what it is in life that’ll finally bring us happiness. It might seem like less powerful a memory, but it still feels so real. I’m probably not going to break down and cry to “Mr. Jones”, but I can’t hear that song without drifting back to those days, and wondering if me from back that would like who I am now. And you know what? I think he would. Thanks, Alan, for helping me figure that out. So yeah, “Sweetness” is long done by now, and I’ve stopped thinking about it (“Pillar of Davidson” is on now, with a whole new event to relive), but I know it’ll be back, and I find that both comforting and annoying. The price of a memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings

Aside over

So I was going to tell you about all that has happened since I last posted, which was Friday. Saturday I had great difficulty getting out of bed, due largely to my great desire to remain in my bed forever. Eventually (3ish? it was at least 3:30 I know) I got up, and cleaned for a while. I then returned to my bed, and watched 2 Weeks Notice, which was quite good. Later on, Robb and I headed off to Max and Ermas for dinner, as Tressa is now working Saturday nights. Dinner was good, and I drank a lot of beer. I heard on NPR a little while back that the more often you drink, the lower the risk of certain heart and cardiovascular problems later in life. (well, nevermind the whole liver problem). So I felt nice and healthy. (heh, mix that with Brian’s advice on how to keep from getting colds, and life would be more or less perfect.) After dinner we returned home, and I returned to my bed for a while, then chatted with Alan for a while online, leading to us meeting at Fridays out by me at around midnight, which was a blast. Thanks again, Alan. Our waitress, Suzanne, was a gymnast, apparently (this, and the phrase “keg stands” came up in rapid succession. Yeah, you had to be there.) Anyway, Alan and I hung out til about 2:15, when we were told to leave. Here’s something to remember: If you’re rude to someone, you can’t then in the next sentence pretend to be nice. Just stick with the rudeness, and call it good. Example: If you tell someone to leave your establishment in a less than polite way, don’t then follow that with “Have a good night”, cause you just sound like a dick. Instead, just say “thanks” or nothing and call it good. Anyway, I stumbled home, and slept quite soundly, and had some messed up dreams.

Highlights from Sunday… I got some good Metroid Prime hours in, and like that game a ton. Josh came over at night, and he, Robb, and I played some games, then watched some Malcolm in the Middle episodes. Afterwards, I hopped on the bike and put in some time there.

Monday I woke up late, I think, and drove in by myself to work. Work continues to be quite good, especially now. UTF-8 is the kewlest thing since me. I love designing something, then coding it, and see it actually working better than I had planned or hoped, and thus far, bg3 has done just that. Let’s hope that’s a trend that continues. Lunch was an adventure. First off, BDF tried to burn the building down with his crazy frozen pizza. Second, my hand continued to show signs of being demon-possessed. Imagine a cross between Tom Hank’s hand in Saving Private Ryan and George Costanza’s arm in that episode of Seinfeld where he fakes having that odd spazm all the time. It’s not good. For a little while I was really freaked it might be Parkinson’s disease or something, but then I figured I should at least check out what other symptoms I was supposed to have before jumping to that conclusion, and that sounded like a lot of work, so I went back to the demon-possession hypothesis. The rest of work was fairly uneventful, though Tetris seems to have found a nice semi-regular home at our 3pm Frisbee break time-slot. The drive home was quite enjoyable.

Monday night Cathy came over, and Robb, Swac, Mandace, Cathy, and I headed off to Fridays for dinner. After dinner we headed back to my place and watched 12 Monkeys. I had forgotten how much that movie rules. After the movie, Serita called, and I talked to her for a while, which was good stuff as well. Then rather than sleeping, I worked out til I could no longer see or stand, then watched The New Guy (“Who’s the bitch now?”). By then it was about 4, so I fell asleep long enough for my alarm clock to giggle with glee, and I was rudely awakened by its buzz.Who needs sleep?

Tuesday was more of the same. Woke up, headed to the meeting point, fell asleep. Woke up, got in a different car, fell asleep. Woke up, got in my cubical, fell asl— began working. Tuesday evening Kris, Julie, Sven, and I headed out to Best Buy and bought each other DVDs. It’s a Christmas thing we do, where we pick out the movies we want, and get someone else to buy them for us. I got Minority Report, The Good Girl, and bought myself The Last of the Mohicans. Then it was off to Max and Ermas for dinner. Kristin began working her magic on our server, (Katie H, I think), and scored us free ice cream sundaes. And there was much rejoicing. Apparently, you have to ask for the “free desserts” and they give them to you. Hand it to Kristin to figure that kinda thing out. Danke, Kris! After dinner it was off to the Pickwick, which was good, as always. After dropping a few people and things off, it was back home, and eventually off to sleep.

Wednesday was a new Ed, and it was excellent. Mindy came over, and we got some pizza and watched Ed. For those of you not watching, they’ve got this new girl, Frankie, who’s working with Ed now, and she seems quite good. (She’s Wade, from Sliders, Sabrina Lloyd). Anyway, it’s good, and Dr. Jerome was/is back, which is excellent I think. After Ed, I got a hold of Kris, and she headed over, and we watched Minority Report, which was just as good as I remembered it being. Afterwards, people took off, and I cleaned up for a while, biked a bit, worked out until I loudly requested death, then headed off to sleep.

That brings us to Thursday, my work from home day. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now, working from your own bed is pure joy. The only thing better would be removing the work part, and possibly adding a female… you get the picture. After work, I headed off to Meijer and bought a TON of food, then after swinging by Sven and Julie’s place, headed home to try my hand at Lasagna. Expecting disaster, I took pictures. It turned out quite good, and Swac agreed, so I’m not just lying to make myself feel better. So there we have it, I didn’t completely screw that up, so on to the next cooking challenge: Chili. Seriously, though, cooking takes for-freaking-ever. I went shopping for stuff at 5, and finally got to eat at 9:30. That’s too long. I prefer things of the “instant” variety.

Speaking of 9:30, Good Morning, Miami was on today, and the show is getting better. I’m going to like it no matter what, I think, but they’ve actually done the things I’ve said they ought to do, like ditch the Nun, and the jokes there were barely funny in the 80’s, and just focus on the crazy love Square they’ve got going on (Penny has joined the triangle, changing it’s shape by one side and one corner. Anyway, It was really good. And as always, Scrubs was excellent.

I’ve got more to say, but it’s past 2, and I told Joel I wanted to go in to work early tomorrow to get some stuff done as soon as possible, and I’m betting I’m going to sleep through all of my alarms tomorrow anyway, so I’d better go to sleep now. But here’s hoping it won’t take me a week to post again.

5 thoughts on “The Lasagna Incident

  1. The lasagna looks more like normal when you dump the parmesan cheese on the top. this, however, is not the best idea if you do not like parmesan cheese.

    that is all.

  2. If “helping you figure [things] out” involves drinking Killian’s at Fridays until they rudely eject us, keeping my mouth shut, and nodding my head at random intervals, count me in anytime!

    You on the other hand, taught me a life lesson with great practical application. I can’t believe I never knew that sprinkling salt on a napkin will prevent the wet napkin from clinging to the bottom of one’s glass. Was I asleep during class when they taught this trick?

  3. Sometimes just having someone to listen without constantly interjecting phrases like “We need to get you a woman” or “You should just be happier, then you wouldn’t be so sad” is all it takes. As for the salt, I guess you just didn’t spend enough time with “problem drinkers” when you were younger I guess. Some waitresses I’ve talked to claim that pepper works better. In my experience, it works about the same, but makes you look like a slob (The black pepper shows up quite noticeably on your napkin, where as the salt just blends right in.)

    “To alcohol: The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

  4. If you are looking for quick food, you need a crockpot. Throw a roast in there in the morning with plenty of liquid to burn off during the day. Season liberally with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a packet of brown gravy (or onion gravy) mix. Throw your veggies (potatoes, carrots, and thick-sliced onions) in when you get home from work, and ~1 hour later you have a falling-apart, cut-it-with-a-fork roast with yummy veggies. If an hour doesn’t cook the veggies fast enough, you can throw them in a pot on the stove with some of the roast liquid.

    Also, casseroles are wonderful for coming home from work. Prepare a number of them and freeze them; just throw them in the oven when you get home.

    Lasagna is notoriously time-consuming to make. Something like lemon pepper chicken with rice and asparagus would only take you about 30 minutes from start to eating.

    Also, if you hate the cleaning, clean as you go, rather than piling stuff up and cleaning it all up at once. *Especially* don’t wait until after you’ve eaten to clean up, as you’ll be full and contented (or pissed off that you wasted so much time, depending on the quality of your meal… either way, you won’t want to clean).

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