It’s already 3 am, so I’m not going to add the third part to the New Year’s Post now. Tomorrow, I guess. But I wanted to say a few things. First, pictures from New Years are now online. Check them out. Next, the New Year’s Resolutions are going well, thus far. And Thirdly, today was a really good day. I worked from my bed much of the day. I cleaned my room and got my laundry done. Dinner with Christy at Max and Ermas was really, really good. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love spending time with people that I can just talk to for hours without there ever being that awkward silence where you’re frantically searching for what the hell you can talk about. Christy and I burned through about 3 hours before I even realized time had passed. Then back home, and on to the bike for a while while watching episodes of Scrubs. Later on, Cathy came over, and we all watched Sneakers (My voice is my passport. Verify Me). We had Cathy convinced that we were actually watching Like Mike for a little while, which was quite fun. Anyway, I should sleep, but in closing: The day was good, the new year doesn’t suck (yet), the bike is excellent, and bedskirts don’t make a guy gay. By the way, if you’re reading this, and your name is Nicole, and you work at Logan’s Roadhouse, and you were, in fact, winking back at me, I need your phone number. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Kwickee

  1. Wow, that exercise bicycle is kinda ghey… You should have gotten a real bike, and a good ‘trainer’ (bike wang speak for rollers) so that you could have the additional ability to actually ride it around. But you’d have to buy a slick for it. Next time you are in teh are, look at my ghey setup, and you’ll see. (although the bike trainer I have smells funny, because it gets all hot n’ stuff). When it gets warmer, I’ll go biking with you, though.

  2. yeah.. I didn’t want a real bike, and I wanted an exersize bike that did the whole uphill/downhill automagic dealie. And I wanted it to be small and quiet. I wnated it to be able to chart miles/mph/heatbeat and all that stuff too. How much of that does your “training” thing do? So, pretty much, you’re wrong, ghey, and ought to just shut up. That having been said, I really like my bike, and ride it far too much… it’s a pleasant alternative to sleeping, or venturing beyond my bedroom door.

  3. so do you still hate asians? phase 10 anyone? yeah…my eyes are half open on the pic…thanks….keep reading that note from your desk…glad the exercise bike is working well for you…by the way…nicole was winking at me.hehehe

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