We were on a break!

Thursday is Friends. I like Friends. Right when it started I didn’t watch it at all, but when it started in reruns I got hooked, and quickly became a big fan. Back in college, I wouldn’t miss an episode, new or rerun. Then it started getting kinda dumb, in my opinion. Chandler got fat, and ceased being funny. Ross just turned way too whiny. It seemed like they had already used up every possible non-incestuous/non-homosexual relationship, and yea… it was just getting old. So I stopped watching once Joey and Rachel started to hook up. By that time I had seen every other episode a few thousand times, so I just stopped watching altogether. Then this year I saw the season premier and I was hooked again.. partly because I thought it was funny, and party because I heard it was the last year for the show, and I’d like to know what was going on… So now with reruns on at least twice every day, I’ve managed to get almost completely caught up, and I’m back to watching the show religiously. Sad, eh? You know you watch it too.

I like the show Good Morning, Miami, but sadly, I know it’s just not all that good a show. Many of the jokes are old and tired, and many of the actors/actresses kinda suck. Why do I like it? Jake, Dylan, and Penny. They’ve got that good on-screen chemistry that makes shows work. My hope is that the writing will pick up a bit, they’ll ditch the Crazy Nun, and have a shot at a second season. Or just hook Jake and Dylan up, and quit making people wait years and years to see the people that are meant to be together finally get together.

So how’s this for stupid. In Mario Kart: Super Circuit you can unlock the original Super Mario Kart levels. So I spent some time today trying to unlock those levels.. and I’ve still got a ways to go. Now… I have Super Mario Kart sitting in the living room. I haven’t played it in ages. Why am I so hellbent on unlocking these levels? 1.) I’m retarded. 2.) Because it’s there. 3.) Cause I have to do it before Joel

Managed to head on out to Max and Ermas with Mindy and Jodi for dinner this evening, so the streak continues. Talked with the lovely Tressa for a while, which is always a plus. And the cook dropped my steak on the floor, so I got a bunch of food for free. Zing

Dayquil is good stuff.

11 thoughts on “We were on a break!

  1. Hrm..
    1.) Nope, I didn’t watch Ally McBeal
    2.) Yes, I can mock you and your kind repeatedly for watching Ally McBeal.

    You know what? Friends is funny.

  2. 1. D…d…d..did you eat said floor-steak? Or did they give you a new one? Did you notice that one side was ‘charred’ while the other side was like, bloody? If so, then it was probably dropped in a planter, too.

    2. Friends is *sort of funny*. But watching the show removes your soul because you are one of the mindless, drooling masses that watch, enjoy, and even (god forbid) *discuss* friends at work, in the bar, etc.

    3. Ally McBeal was funny when they did those little editing things – like the secretary’s head getting bigger, etc. After than I became deeply cynical.

    4. I’m surprised that ‘Tressa’ of Max and Erma’s hasn’t put a restraining order on your little gaggle of stalkers there. Or, failing that, some sort of ‘minimum food requirement’ while you all fawn over her…

  3. 1.) No, I was given a new steak, and free breadsticks, salad, soup, desserts, etc..

    2.) Friends is funny. And just because other people enjoy something doesn’t mean that thing is bad. And there’s no shame in talking about Friends Eps. with friends and coworkers… It’s when you’re discussing at length the latest episode of Pokemon with your stuffed animals that you know you’ve got a problem.

    3.) You will be mocked.

    4.) Say what you will. She’s a kewl girl. And last night I wasn’t even in her section (I showed up late, and Mindy and Jodi were already seated in a different section). Tressa was the one that came by and talked to me. As for the “fawning” thing… maybe you’ll understand when you’re older, Adam.

  4. Friends is about as funny as a staff infection(TM).

    If Friends were a *parody* of all that is stupid and empty, it would be funny. The problem is that it is *actually* stupid and empty, that it takes itself far too seriously and thinks people should actually give a crap about the vapid, empty-headed characters and their stupid little meaningless lives. There, I said it.

    People who like Friends will have a special place in hell.

  5. Now, I should be clear that I don’t desire to actually BE one of the Friends cast (it isn’t ED, after all), nor do I think the show really takes itself that seriously. (though I will concede that much of the advertising is geared towards making you believe something of importance might actually happen one of these weeks… but if you believe that you’re dumb anyway) Anyway, It’s not like ER, where every episode is the must see, can’t miss it, life altering ordeal where another doctor turns out to be an idiot and someone dies but we’re supposed to feel good at the end cause doctors are such amazing people… and then there’s Boston Public.. Someone just close that school down and be done with it.. Friends is funny, and so I watch it.

    Special place eh? Hope it’s near the pool.

  6. Well at least we can agree on something. I think I’m willing to overlook your little Friends fetish in the interest of mocking the REAL idiots: people who watch Boston Public. (Incidentally, both of my parents are schoolteachers and what Boston Public portrays is HOW IT REALLY HAPPENS!!!)

  7. I don’t think I’ll weigh in on the Friends thing, but then again maybe I can offer a compromise: I usually watch it, but rarely think it’s any good.

    But I was trying to decide whether Good Morning Miami is any better, and I’m not so sure. I’m thinking neither has very good writing, but Friends is nevertheless (irregardless?) better, but I think the Friends plotting sucks. Oh so much reliance on the oh so tired “lying for convenience gets blown out of proportion” device.
    GMM, on the other hand, has the whole secret affection thing, which is a decent excuse for situational irony. Probably once they resolve that (some sort of season finale thing, right? Unless they’re planning to do the old big wedding season finale, in which case I retract anything good I’ve said about the show) they’ll have nowhere to go and will suck thereafter.
    But wait, that’s not what I meant to say anyway. The main draw to GMM is neither plotting nor writing, but what Ron so tactfully calls chemistry. My word for it was sex. That is, Ashley Williams is damn attractive, in my opinion. And Constance Zimmer (which is kind of a cool name, too) ain’t bad either. Better than any Friend, anyway.

    Ok, so I should probably just go ahead and get my own darn weblog, rather than filling other people’s with my blather. But I’d lose all respect for myself if I filled it up with stuff like this.

    If anyone lives in philly, be my friend and invite me places, so I don’t have to watch so much freaking television…

  8. whoops. sorry to compound my patheticness, but something came out wrong: I said “friends is better” when I meant “friends’s is better.” That is, the writing is better, but not the show overall.

  9. “tactfully” I like that. And it’s good to hear from you, Klaas.

    P.S. I noticed that the php wordwrap function was less that wonderful (i.e. it formatted my page retarded), so I rolled my own, which seems to be working a lot better. Praise me.

  10. pcg — I don’t know what a staff infection is (maybe when the entire gospelcom staff watches Ally McBeal (thanks folks — I’m here all week. Tip your waitresses)), but I think that staph infections are probably bad.

    Oh. um, Ron, I’m not sure how far you are in terms of unlocking SNES tracks, but I’ve gotten two SNES cups unlocked. They’re fun.

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