Two Towers Review, at last

Hrm. At the moment I’m pissed. I’ve been writing for about an hour, and my computer froze, and I lost it all. So if this post comes across as overly bitter or angry, just remember: 1) I am an angry and bitter man. 2.) See #1.

Nah, I’m just playing, I’m fine. It’s been a [select random from (‘good’,’normal’,’long’,’tiring’,’stressful’;] week so far. At the very least, I’ve been linked to quite a bit this week, Peter pointed out my proficiency for self-loathing, Alan kindly pointed out that I am not (and will likely never be) having sex, and Andy and Alan both mentioned my presence at The Two Towers 12:15 showing.

So you want my take on The Two Towers? No? well too bad, cause here it comes: It should come as little surprise that I completely loved the movie. But it took two full viewings for me to realize it. If you don’t like spoilers, then you should stop using the internet, cause here they come:

Things that I really liked

  • Gollum was amazing. Amazing. His conversation with himself midway through completely made the character, and made the movie for me. A full CG character can kill a movie or completely make one. Gollum was wonderful: funny, believable, evil, yet pitiable. A grand job done with his character. I was worried he’d suck, but he was perfect.
  • Legolas is amazing. I want to be him. Him mounting a horse at full gallop made me want to kill myself with joy and awe. Did I mention he’s amazing. I’m heterosexual.
  • Gimli is very funny, and not in an annoying way.
  • The Battle of Helm’s Deep was spectacular, when they finally started fighting.
  • The Ent’s battle at Isengard was a site to behold.
  • Ring Wraiths on Wings. ‘Nuff Said

Things that I really did not like

  • Faramir. What the hell happened here? It was like going to see a Harry Potter movie, and half way through you find out that Hagrid is a complete jerk who is trying to kill Harry. No sir, I didn’t like it. And to top it off, I really can’t see any reason why they did this. So there’s no redemption for Boromir, and there’s one less likeable character. I really don’t understand it, and it really upset me the first time watching it. The second time through, I was prepared for it, but I still didn’t care for it.
  • I’m not a fan of closing speeches near the end of movies that are supposed to inspire, or explain what the entire movie to this point was supposed to mean. It just seems to me, that more often than not, they just sound forced (with a few notable exceptions). So I didn’t care much for Sam’s speech at the end. I guess they were looking for some sort of resolution or cap to the movie, but I didn’t care for it.
  • Why was King Theoden a coward the entire time? He wasn’t like that in the book. I didn’t realize it was possible to retreat like 8 times in the same battle, but he pulled it off… And finally he needed Aragorn to explain that if they swung their swords at the enemy, they might just actually hurt one or two of them. He was a disappointment

All that having been said, and being initially disappointed the first run through, I have to say I just loved it the second time through. (This seems to be the trend among those that have seen it twice, I’ve noticed.)

On to other things. We had our work Christmas Party today. I received a dark, hooded sweatshirt. They know me so well, it’s excellent. I ate much food, and I enjoyed annoying the entire room with ringing crystal, until I was told to stop forever upon pain of death.

Kudos to Klaas, who managed to completely butcher the spelling of Deedre’s name, despite it being clearly written a few inches above.

Some new video clips of the new Legend of Zelda have been released, and they are breathtaking. And it got me thinking… A fair amount of my time is spent anticipating or enjoying video games, movies, and TV. And a fair chunk of that time, I’ve got no problem with that. But sometimes I get to thinking that that makes me pathetic. But when I try to anticipate or focus on the other areas of my life, I just end up grinding in circles, and get no sleep. So what’s a better idea? Stay shallow, focus on the things that I can purchase or acquire, or drive myself quickly insane? The lesser of two evils appears to be not making a decision at all.

The new Ed was good. Molly finally said Dennis sucked. Good for her.

I’ve started on my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ll post them when I’m done, then it’s up to you to hold me to them.. til I get sick of them and decide they’re stupid.

addendum: Sven, Julie, Mindy, and I talked a bit last night about how similar Legolas looks to Link from Zelda:

Legolas Link

Nice eh? Further more, Galadrial looks just like Princess Zelda. All the more reason to like the films.

3 thoughts on “Two Towers Review, at last

  1. Hey, I saw Legolas first, so don’t be getting any ideas!

    Actually, I have always loved this character. The scene in the first film where he fires multiple arrows through a door crack in the space it takes for my heart to beat once… breathtaking. I’m glad his übercoolness continued in Two Towers. I did think the scene where he snow-boarded down steps was a weak attempt to bridge cultural gaps with a segment of the audience, but it was barely redeemed by the fact that he killed like 37 urukai on the way. I too want to be him.

  2. I was worried that the snowboarding scene would suck, from what I saw in previews. However, it didn’t. Even if it was a little cheesy, its redemption was complete when he impaled the orc on his shield at the bottom of the stairs.

    Damn. That was cool. I need to see this movie again.

  3. I’m with Joel on this one. The previews made it look questionable at best, but hell, if he can mount a horse at full gallop like that, he can snowboard down a flight of steps while shooting 3 orcs, and launch the shield into the chestof a 4th if he wants to.

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