The one problem with naps.

It is currently 3 a.m., and I, as you might have guessed, am not asleep. I very much wish that I was, and I have a feeling I will wish this even moreso tomorrow morning when I wake after getting a swell hour or so of sleep. But I guess I kinda brought this upon myself. You see, this afternoon I was going to clean up the house a bit, and I started by making my bed. Afterwards, I had to test the newly made bed out by laying down, and promptly fell asleep. About 4 hours later I woke up to a phone call, and vowed to actually getting some work done. I started by falling asleep… and didn’t get much further than that. So now I’m wide awake, and I should be sleeping. It’s a sad state of affairs.

If you didn’t watch Andy Richter Controls the Universe today, shame on you. It was quite good, and I’m just jazzed that it’s back. And there was Timm Sharp (Marshall from Undeclared fame) on Malcolm in the Middle today.

At this point, I’m seriously considering taking out my old Literature Book. I never had any trouble falling asleep while reading that thing.

I grabbed all my old baseball cards from my parents’ place during Thanksgiving, so now I’ve got them here with me. I have a feeling Ebay and I will be very well acquainted in the next few weeks.

So anyway, in closing, Tomorrow is going to suck.

6 thoughts on “The one problem with naps.

  1. Yeah, dude. Andy Richter was good. I’m really excited that it’s back on. I just hope that they decide to air those episodes from last season that they skipped. I REALLY want to see the episode where Andy is dressed up like a dog, with a beer in his hand saying, “Puppy likes the silly sauce.”

  2. After some research, I’ve learned that staff infections are, in fact, not funny. So I’m utterly confused by PCG’s comments. He probably meant “as funny as drunken monkey-butlers playing polo on ostriches.” (Which, I’ll have you know, is very, very funny)

  3. I think it’s “staph”. A “Staff” infection would be like, if you had some sort of group of employees in your blood, or if they collectively had an infection.

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