She Hates My Futon

Well, I’m back. Friday sucked. It happens. Ironically, I was talking (online) to Tuuk about this very thing: When I’m alone, (unintentionally), I get depressed. I’m fine with being alone, so long as I choose to be alone. It’s when I want to be with other people, or am supposed to be with other people, and yet am stuck by myself with nothing my stupid brain to talk to, things go downhill fast. The unfortunate reality, then, is that oftentimes the only time I’m really free enough to write here is when I’m too tired too be coherent, or because I’m alone, and lonely, and thus, depressed and/or pissed off. Fortunately, the 4 people that actually read this site know me already, and already knew that too, so they can continue to just skim on by and wait for the part where I:

  1. Mention their name.
  2. Reveal embarrassing facts about myself.
  3. Give the latest Ed update.

So here’s what’s happened since I last wrote something of substance: Tuesday was Christmas Eve (or X-mas eve, if you’re Adam). So Kristin came on over around 10, and after a little while, we were set to go. First to DandW to get some wine for my Dad. Then a quick run to Best Buy for some last minute presents, and we were on our way. The ride to my parents place was the typical Ron and Kristin deal: We talked for a while, then she busted out the Celine Dion, and there was some singing involved, and yada yada yada, the trip went by quickly. Showed up, and the rest of my family was already there. After getting all our stuff in, yada yada, Jeff and I started doing these Mensa trivia/puzzle cards. Stuff like “4 couples, Mr. and Mrs. A, Mr. and Mrs. B, Mr. and Mrs. C, and Mr. and Mrs. D, are at a dinner party. Each couple is sitting by each other, except one. This couple is not sitting across from each other. Mrs. A is sitting directly to the left of a man who is sitting directly across from Mr. D. Mrs. C is sitting directly to the left of a man who is sitting directly across from Mr. B. Which couple isn’t sitting next to each other?” Yeah… don’t try to figure that one out, cause I think I missed parts, and got parts wrong. That, and that one was stupid. Here’s the one I liked:

76 = 42

Here are the rules. You can move the numbers around as you’d like. You have to make a true equation (i.e. keep the equals sign, and move the numbers, and make it true.) This one I thought was pretty kewl. Then again, I’m the one that blew at least a half an hour trying to figure out the probability of getting dealt at least one jack when you deal 12 cards from a pile made up of 3 full decks of shuffled cards. I blame my parents for making me so messed up.

After some time, Jeff and I headed out with Steven for a little car trip (ATM stuff), and I finally got a chance to talk to him for a while about Life, the Universe, and Everything, which was very nice. We got back, and hung around watching TV for a while. Then the annual fastest dinner ever. (Fastest Dinner Ever –> The meal before we open presents. Rarely an elaborate meal, and 2nd helpings are frowned upon…and usually result in numerous fork stab wounds.) So then it was opening presents time.. That’s all documented fairly well in the pictures section. Afterwards we played Trivial Pursuit, as we usually do, then we all drifted off to sleep. I ended up watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, which I used to be quite fond of, until they took it out of the rerun lineup. Heaven forbid I get to sleep at a normal hour.

Christmas morning was church. One of the best things about Christmas is at the end of the Christmas service at Bethel, the choir is up there, and they invite anyone from the congregation who wants to join them, and they sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Honestly, one of the most beautiful things to witness. It’s just one of those things where for a moment everything is right and good, and you wished they’d just keep singing forever.

After the service, we headed off to my Dad’s office, and he showed me a few problems he’s been running into on The Bible Gateway. Most of them magically corrected themselves before I had a chance to see them, much the way a car manages to repair itself long enough to start fine and dandy when it’s at the mechanic, but dies the instant you’re back home. Then it was on home for a giant turkey dinner. It was wonderful. (Actually, I’m eating some of the leftovers as I type this.) Then I started playing Double Dominoes 15 with my parents. After a short time I realized that my competitive nature comes straight from my Dad. (Competitive Nature –> Win at all costs, but better still, win and completely crush your competitors in vicious and humiliating ways… and if winning is impossible, at least destroy any chances of winning for those around you who would certainly win were it not for your constant attacks.) It’s kinda sad how much joy I took in finding him to be so vicious, and how good he was at it. So we pretty much destroyed each other, then once Kristin joined in, we combined our powers to see to it that she didn’t win. Grand. After a few hours of that Kris and I headed off for home. Got back late, and Kristin took my car (I needed an oil change, and she works at Saturn of G.R.), and I got in and cleaned for a while, then fell asleep.

Thursday was work from home day, and I managed to get a ton done the first 6 hours or so, then in the next 2 hours I managed to undo all the work I had done. It was all database schema related, and the changes were all for the better, and we’re making real progress, so I’m jazzed.

Thursday night I headed out with Steve and Julie to go furniture shopping. I’ve been in need of a new couch or something to replace the hideous beast of a couch that has been in my room. So we went out looking at a number of furniture places, eventually ending up Art Van, where we found a nice, but kinda expensive, black couch. We also saw a few really nice futons, and I started thinking they were the way to go. Some pushy saleswoman gave me her card though, and was convinced I’d be back. We wandered around for a while, and Steve and I found this heated massage chair. It violated me, but I didn’t mind. Finally, we left, headed back to Steve’s place, and played cards for a while… Mindy came over, and we got some pizza, and played euchre. Then off to home, where I proceeded to not sleep. Finally, around 3 I just started playing Zelda, cause I was sick of trying to sleep. I think I must have nodded off around 4:30 or so.

Friday was work. Friday was pointless. It was just Jay, Nathan, BDF, Dave, Ed, and Myself at the office. For all you old ulabbers out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that Tanks made a brief but triumphant return. All run in fear of the might BAFTA. I did some talking to Tuuk for a while, which did me some good, as I was feeling quite disconnected (thanks, Tuuk). Friday night I headed home, tried to get that monitor and failed, found out my hopes of heading out to A2 would likely not be realized, headed out and bought some nice shelves, made one of them, then cleaned my room for a while. I ended up just kinda falling asleep on the floor, and in the middle of the night woke up, and then got into bed. That used to be a more common occurrence, kinda glad it’s not as common now, cause waking up on the floor is always a bit disorienting. Everything looks different when you’re lying on the floor.

Saturday I got up early : 9a.m.( 9 is early. Shut up. ) I headed off with Steve and Julie and picked up my futon. We headed on back to my place, and Steve and I put the thing together. Then we had to ditch the couch. We took it out my front door (I’m on the 3rd floor), and then just tossed it off the balcony. It was grand. It’s hard to describe the sound it made. It landed on it’s side right on the sidewalk, and made a sharp thud, then it sounded like change hitting concrete as the springs began popping and snapping. So that was a little slice of joy in the middle of the day. After bringing Steve off to some place he was ordered by his wife to go, I headed off to a few other Best Buys to see if they had my monitor. They did not… so I swung by Circuit City on my way home and picked up two more Zelda games: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Then I headed back and made the 2nd shelf unit, and then began setting up/rearranging my room. It’s starting to look a lot better. I still need to replace on desk, and do something better with the TV table. Eventually all my furniture will be black, and that will be grand… it’ll match my heart. I was still fixing and rearranging my room when Josh showed up, then Mindy, then Mandace. Once we were all assembled, Matt, Mandace, Robb, Josh, Mindy, and I all headed off to Max and Ermas. Now Saturday was Robb’s Birthday, so we’d finally have the honor of forcing all the servers to come and sing for him. We ended up having to wait for a fair amount of time, as they were quite busy, and we were informed that Tressa didn’t have any seating for 6 in her section, but when we finally got seated we were indeed served by Tressa, as she had pulled a few strings and switched tables with someone. It’s the little things that make a day good. A number of fun things while we were there:

  • Robb’s less than subtle attempts to get Tressa to remember/acknowledge that it was his birthday. Priceless.
  • Josh, a school teacher at Unity Christian High School, refusing to acknowledge 2 of his students sitting a few tables away, and our repeated (and apparently successful) attempts to embarass him.
  • Half the staff of Max and Ermas lining up to sing to Robb for his birthday song.

Afterwards we headed back to the house, Robb received his birthday beating, and we played Scattergories. It didn’t take long before the 3 of us roommates (if not everyone) were plotting against each other, hellbent on either proving an entry invalid or just plain asinine (for the record “Pot for sale” is not something that is yelled, but a “Tow Truck Transmission is something made of metal, despite what people may say.) Soon Cathy showed up, and joined in on the fun. After hours of that, people had to get going, and I finished up fixing up my room. I then finally got a chance to start playing Metroid Prime. It is fan-freaking-tastic. I spent the entire first level with my heat beating rapidly, scared to turn around any corner. Andy and I had this discussion a few months back where we noted the real fear power a game can wield when you never know where the next enemy is going to come from, rather than a game just throwing endless hoards of enemies at you. Entering each room becomes this frightening ordeal approached with caution and patience, rather than the usual charge headlong with guns blazing. Now I have little doubt that once I get more familiar with the game and the controls I’ll slide into that “kill everything on the screen” mode, but for now, it’s fun to creep around corners and jump whenever a suddenly feel shots coming from behind. So yeah.. I have high hopes for this game.

Today was Sunday, so off to church, then I stayed around talking to Christy for a long while (Pickwick Crew: She was the “She’s a good girl for you, Ron…. She’s a good girl for you, Ron… She’s a good..” girl.). So she and I are meeting for dinner Thursday. That ought to be fun. Then it was off to the Veldhof’s for lunch. Always a good time. We did those word puzzle things, like:



That would be “Eggs over easy”. My favorite one was this:


After dessert, Gwen and I headed off to a few stores. At Circuit City Gwen managed to convince the sales guy that I was going to spend $2400 on a really nice TV, and the sales guy then almost convinced me of this fact… until I ran away screaming that Gwen was the devil. After a swing through Bestbuy, Meijer, Circuit City, and an adventure in the mall, we headed back to my place. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I took a nice nap, then woke up and started watching You’ve Got Mail and writing this here post.

So that brings you up to the present. There’s two more sections to this post that I haven’t written yet… but I think that continuing to add to this one would be a mistake, so I’ll just go ahead and finish here.

5 thoughts on “She Hates My Futon

  1. 7^2 = 49 (making the ‘6’ upside-down to be a ‘9’)?

    The “jacks” problem is similar to the stuff I took in Combinatorial Mathematics. I didn’t do well in it then, and I’m not going to do well in it now.

    P.S. I don’t understand the title. WHO hates your futon? (Or did I miss some kitch popular reference?)

  2. Okay, here’s what I’m thinking re: the jacks. Figure out the probability of finding 0 jacks in 12 draws of a 3-deck pile, then subtract that probability from 1.

    Finding 0 jacks in 12 draws of a 3-deck pile is actually pretty easy. The first draw, you have 156 total cards, of which 147 are NOT a jack. Therefore, the first draw yields the probability of 147/156 that you will not get a jack. The second draw, you have 155 total cards left, of which 146 are NOT a jack. Therefore, the second draw probability is 146/155. The combined probability of not getting a jack for draws one and two is ((147/156)*(146/155)). Extended to twelve draws, we have:


    Or 0.476935. Subtracting that from 1 would give the probability that at least one jack is drawn, or about 52.3%. I believe this can be expressed as the formula at [], except substituting capital-sigma (“sum of”) for whatever the “product of” symbol is again.

    Or I could be totally off.

  3. i feel exactly the same as you about being alone and getting depressed if i’m supposed to be with others or want to be with them. like stuck in a bubble of loneliness and can’t get out. be well!

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