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I beat StarFox today. And you know.. rather than feeling any sort of pride or sense of accomplishment, all I feel is relief. The game itself was actually pretty good. But it suffered from a few key flaws that ultimately made it less than wonderful.

  1. All the enemies were the exact same.
  2. Fighting consisted of pressing one button.
  3. The storyline was so erratic and jumbled that you never really knew why you were doing what you were doing… which led to:
  4. You didn’t care about any of it, and just wanted it to end.
  5. In order to fit in the whole Starfox angle, really lame flying sequences were added that served no purpose.
  6. The Final boss…

The final boss in Starfox was the one thing I was looking forward to. You spent the entire game sort of chasing after General Scales. Since the bosses in each dungeon were actually pretty good, I assumed that the final fight with Scales would be entertaining. So you finally catch up to Scales, and he just falls over dead. I was not pleased. Then you go off and fight Andross, who has absolutely nothing to do with the game at all. He was just the final boss in all the other Starfox games. So not only was the boss completely outside the story, he was in outer space… so you flew your stupid ship around again. And then he was very hard, but in a bad way. He just did the same things over and over again, and fired a ton of crap at you the entire time. So you have to mash the fire button down repeatedly and pray to the god of video game compassion that the whole mess will magically work its way out for you. I was disappointed, and now I’m just glad it’s over in time for me to enjoy Zelda

My weekend proved uneventful. Friday night Josh came over, and we headed off to Kahunaville for a while. We played some Settlers of Catan [and yes, I rule], and generally just hung out for a while. Then I ended up going to bed fairly early. Saturday I woke up late, and spent much of the day cleaning my room and playing the guitar. I decided to learn some more Guster songs. Demons is a ton of fun. I talked to Serita for quite some time, then unlocked the SNES Super Mario Kart tracks in Mario Kart : Super Circuit. I got to talk to Deedre for a while online, which always makes my day. I wrote some code to fix up some stuff on the site (word wrapping is kinda easy, it turns out). Later on in the evening Deedre called, so I got to talk to her for a while, which was wonderful, obviously. Then after a few hours of just kinda lying in bed, I managed to fall asleep.

Sunday was church, then a congregational meeting. It was the first congregational meeting I’ve been to where I was allowed to vote. (and yes.. that means I’ve skipped a few). It was an experience. Then I headed on home, and played Starfox all day. I caught Andy Richter Controls the Universe. (Yes, pcg, it was funnier than a staff infection), and watched Home Movies on Adult Swim. It was pretty good too.

I told you my weekend wasn’t that exciting, but I got some rest, my room is clean and vacuumed, and I cut my hair (’cause I didn’t do it Thursday).

I need the Bears kicker to score less than 2 points today, or I’m out of my Fantasy Football playoffs. So far so good. [update: He made a 52 yard field goal, and my season is over. I curse Fantasy Football.]

After watching some TV today, I’ve decided that there’s no way my parents aren’t giving me a brand new Jaguar with a giant bow on it for Christmas. Apparently everyone is getting one this year.

[Oh yeah, Mark: We 3 is a great song.]

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