No road trip.

It’s Friday night. More and more I’m finding that I hate Friday night. The only thing Friday night has to offer me is the fact that tomorrow I don’t have to wake up… but in all fairness that could be any night if I owned a handgun. Tonight’s big social activity: I built a black bookcase. I’ve got one more to build, which will get filled with VHS tapes of television shows I obsess over. I went off to Best Buy to buy that monitor, cause I decided I deserved it, and so of course they were sold out, would not be getting any new shipments anytime soon, and would be raising the price by $150 starting Sunday. To say I am cursed would be a lie, I guess, but to say I get dicked over repeatedly by just about everything would be hitting the nail on the head. It just seems to happen too much. It happened again this evening. Nobody’s fault I guess, but the one thing I was really looking forward to this whole Christmas break/season thingy, and it manages not to happen. It’s these little things that keep stacking up, and they’re really starting to drive me crazy. So here’s my questions, and if you have an answer, please let me know:

    Is it too much to ask for just one thing that I’m actually looking forward to/excited about to actually happen, rather than fall apart at the last minute, get completely altered to the point where it’s not recognizable and certainly not what I wanted, or get cast aside because other people’s desires are so much more important than mine?

  1. Does there come a point in life when you should just give up on the things you really want, and just take what you can get? If so, when, and what’s the point to wanting anything then?
  2. Why must I focus on the 10% that’s not right, when there’s the 90% that’s going so very well for me? And why is the thing you really want that seems so unattainable, while the things you are indifferent to see to come so naturally?

This post has taken a negative spin that I don’t think I can salvage, so I’m just going to stop. I’ll try again later. I did want to thank Andy for his really nice post. Andy always has such good things to say…

3 thoughts on “No road trip.

  1. I think #3 sort of explains #1 and #2 to the point that they don’t actually warrant a response. I mean, it’s a freakin’ monitor, man. Worst case scenario, you order it online… you don’t satisfy that impulsive buying urge, but you save a little money.

    P.S. Andy’s post just says that he hopes that “you get what you deserve”. I wouldn’t call that really nice… more like “pragmatic”.
    P.P.S. Violent Femmes rule.
    P.P.P.S. You need to get laid.

  2. 1.) If I was actualy pissed about the monitor then I’ve got real problems.
    2.) Andy also wished us all a Merry Christmas. Hoping I get what I deserve is more than others have said, and I know what he’s talking about…. unless he was just quoting Nine Inch Nails, or indirectly telling me to ‘go to hell’.
    3.) Yes.. The Femmes Rule.
    4.) Another successful diagnosis, Doc. So… where do I get that prescription filled?

  3. As for #2, I meant well with my Christmas wishes. I am not really in a position to say what Ron does or does not deserve, so I leave that to Ron himself to decide.

    And now, of course, it’s more appropriate to be wishing you all a Happy New Year.

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