New Year’s Resolutions

Okay, here we go with part two of the previous post. A few things to note before I get into my list. First off, I take my New Year’s Resolutions very seriously, unlike some people. Last year I had 3 major Resolutions: (i had to sort through some old emails to find the third one..)

  1. Completely give up drinking soda (with exceptions made for when I was eating pizza, or when it is the only beverage available)
  2. Be completely open and honest (this was fairly quickly changed to “Be completely honest when questioned about anything, and never intentionally mislead others”)
  3. Live a Keen-free© year.

And how’d they turn out? The no pop one went really, really well for a long time (I think my co-workers could attest to that), until Vanilla Coke came out. I had already loved the Fridays vanilla cokes, so I had to try it, and it was great, and I was hooked. But now it is pretty much the only pop that I’ll drink. It’s not that I’m being snobby about it, I just don’t want to ever drink as much pop as I did in college. Then again, my alcohol consumption seems to have risen inversely proportinal to my pop consumption. Odd how that works. So long as work keeps the grape juice handy, I’m all set. (Speaking of which, there’s been no grape juice for over a month, and apple juice just isn’t doing it for me.

The open and honest thing served its purpose. I said the things I wanted to say but felt unable to for one reason or another… then proceeded to say a whole lot more that I didn’t intend. All in all, complete honesty is dumb, I think, unless you’re in a situation where it can actually work mutually. Otherwise it just leaves you feeling empty and exposed. So that resolution might have been a little short-sighted, but like I said, it served its purpose.

The Keen-free© year started out so strong, until he showed up. I guess it was to be expected, as I lived with him and all. But by mid-year he was out (after many an adventure… sigh. Good times. The only thing better than having a crappy roommate is having a crappy roommate that keeps bringing over your ex-girlfriend so they can lay all over each other in your living room.), and the rest of the year has been Keen-free© And there was much rejoicing. Sure, it meant a few less adventures, and no more fun stories about him for the Pickwick, but oh well, I’m retarded, so I’m bound to have something else stupid to talk about.

So on the whole, last year’s (well, this year, technically) resolutions went pretty well. This year in my Sunday School class I taught a lesson on perseverance, and one of the key things there seemed to be the idea that if you set specific achievable goals, it would be a lot easier to stay on target and make progress. (e.g. If you just say you’re going to practice your flute more this year, that’s kinda vague, and while you might practice a bit more, there’s nothing really keeping you to it. If you say “I’m going to practice at least an hour each day.” then you’ve got a specific goal to measure up against, and the goal of practicing more becomes more achievable). SO this year I’m setting specific goals, and specific steps on how to get there. Enough intro.. On with the show.

My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I will gain 20 pounds in 6 months.
    1. I will eat 3 meals a day, at least 5 days a week. The following will no longer constitute a “meal”:
      • Vanilla Coke
      • Raw Cookie Dough
      • MandMs
      • Wilhelmina Peppermints
      • Cheese
      • Frosting
    2. I will work out 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and get an exercise bike to use while watching TV (During Friends from 7-8). (this is more just to keep in shape during the winter, but if I put it here, I can justify the expense to myself a bit more easily)
  2. I will adhere to a strict budget.
    1. Lunches at work will be brought from home at least 4 times a week.
    2. Strict spending limits will be drawn up, and held to.
  3. In conjunction with the previous 2, I will learn how to cook.
  4. I will accept and believe that happiness can be a reality, and that dreams and desires can be achieved, no matter how difficult it might be, or how long it might take.

So there we have it. I kinda shot the moon with the last one there, but I dare say that those that really know me know I’m a hopeless optimist that just spouts the ideals of the pessimist because they’re funnier. So what do ya think? Got any to add? You’ve got less than 12 hours…

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. you should add something about buy an HDTV. and you should have something about buying your cousin some cool stuff too. now that you have a budget and all.

    oh yeah, and maybe something like. “i will not kill myself this year.” that would be good too.

    all in all, good resolutions. (all though i would clarify. “add 20 pounds of muscle” or something like that. i could just imagine you with a beer gut. (and i thought you looked awkward before.)


  2. We’ll see how that budget works out… That 65″ HDTV keeps calling my name… and my house, and leaving obscene messeges on my machine…

    Not killing myself is an annual one, I thought that it was implied… you know, like the way division is implied if you just randomly set numbers on top of each other.

    And I think the muscle thing was implied to, as it has proven impossible to add any sort of fat/insulation/substance capable of storing heat to my body.

    Stop looking at me, Swan!

  3. don’t buy the TV! wait until standards have settled down. also, if you’re going to encounter happiness via television purchases, plasma tv’s are clearly the way to go, and at only five times the cost!

    I recently bought a bike trainer ( a thingie you hook up to your regular bike that lets you bike in place; Bultman has one too. ) and I really like it. Mine was $80 from and is very small and supposedly a “traveller’s model”. It’s tougher biking non-stop than you might think. Or I’m wimpier than I think.

  4. implied, eh? all of this “be specific” talk, and now we’re starting to imply things. I just figured I’d make you write it down, and then you can’t do it.

    and i wasn’t really aware you played the flute? although, i have to say, i would not suprise me. zing.

    i hate that clown.

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