My life, the flip-book

In theory this one ought to stay short, cause I’m tired and will not be getting much sleep the next few days. In theory, communism works. In theory. Okay, so I went and saw Star Trek Nemesis with Mindy this evening, and as everyone else seems to be doing a review, I’ll do a quick one:

Obviously, I liked the film, and would put it up there with one of the best (Joel and Andy: 8, 10, 6, 2, 9, 4, 7, 3, 1, 5). You’ll find that I’m basically just going to agree with just about everything Andy said, so you may as well read his entry instead. The final space battle was amazing to see, and very reminiscent of an old time sea battle with giant lumbering ships exchanging attack runs. The ships all looked amazing as well. Patrick Stewart is excellent, as always, and really makes a number of scenes, especially his one on one conversations with Shinzon. And I did indeed feel a real tug at the end when you knew you were saying goodbye for the last time. Good stuff.

In the off chance that I haven’t linked to him enough yet, a big welcome, Andy, to the world of blogs.

Joel wants me to tell about him zinging me, and as he nailed me again today, I guess I will:

I consider myself fairly skilled at database design and planning. By that I mean I can set up efficient and non-redundant table structures that are both easy to use and in a high level of normal form. So Joel came to my cube one day and wanted to see if I could be of some assistance (though in retrospect I suspect he was simply trying to set me up for my ultimate fall, having plotted and schemed this trickery for weeks ahead of time). He began asking questions about the pseudo-ERD (It’s pronounced EE-Are-Dee, Brian, not “urd”). Eventually we got onto the topic of showing table relationships using standard notation, and he wanted to know if I could do that. I responded that I could. He then repeated, “So you’re good at relationships then?”. I quickly responded, “Yea, I’m really good at rela–“. By now Joel was sporting a large grin, and I was already slamming my desk with my fist. I offered my two weeks notice, and hid under my desk the rest of the day. In retrospect, this entire story can be filed under “I guess you had to be there“. He got me again today when after I, without any cash, was forced to turn away a little girl who was going cube to cube selling candy, he noted how similar this was to one of my typical dates: A girl leaving disappointed and likely in tears, and me with an empty wallet. (Shut up, Joel).

So I’ve been getting some complaints (Klaas) from some people (Klaas) that some of my recent posts (Klaas) have been a bit cryptic (Klaas). So I’ll try to explain some things from recent posts:

I’m not one for blaming my behavior or shortcomings on other people, typically, but if I could go back in time and completely wipe certain people out of my life, and all ill effects they had on my life could just disappear, I know who I’d get rid of.

This quote was about a girl I was with, off and on for some 3 years, Sarah. She seemed to have warped my vision of reality in a number of ways, mostly dealing with the opposite sex. Examples: Compliments were rewarded with biting attacks (the stinging words kind, not the teeth kind), and thus for quite some time I was fearful of complimenting a girl at all. Phone calls were always a sign that something was wrong (or pissing her off) and thus always met with great fear and trepidation. And whenever any sort of commitment seemed to be growing, or significant amount of time together had been reached, she would ditch me for a while. So basically I learned to say little, fear everything, and get used to getting dicked over on a somewhat regular basis. And while I’d like to think (and to a fair degree now know) that I’ve gotten much better, there are still times when I hear something like “I have to talk to you, I’ll call you later on” that I revert back to that old self-loathing, world fearing self. But like I said, I’m not for blaming my problems on others, and I’m the retard that stuck with her for so long, so me whining is kinda pointless.

The Mr. Destiny comment was inspired by a daydream I was having at the time. My friends that knew me since 8th grade have heard me complain on many an occasion about me getting cut from the 8th Grade basketball team. (A complete sham, by the way. According to the stats taken, I came in 7th on the drills, and I won all of my one on one games. By that logic I should have been at the very least been the 6th person chosen. But I was cut. If you’ve seen The Emperor’s Club, I think it was a situation similar to that… well, that, and I got totally screwed over. And YES I’m still bitter!) Anyway, I now know looking back that it was probably a good thing I got cut, cause I ended up getting a job instead, and meeting some great people that I’ve remained close friends with to this day. But there’s still a part of me that wants to know what could have been. Now if I had been cut from the baseball team, I would have burned the school down… There are plenty of little “what if’s” that I daydream about from time to time, and I think I’m no different from most everybody else in that respect. But most of the time I just need to remind myself of what I’ve got, and the wondering seems to fade.

And finally, as Deedre commented in the previous post, a good majority of the vague references have to do with her. A majority of the time it’s me doing or saying something completely asinine in a desperate attempt not to say or do something completely asinine. So, Klaas, does that clear things up for you? I hope so, because I’m now going to describe my day using Explodingdog pictures:

Telephone Wire? Should Go To Bed I Can't Get No Sleep  Yes, but I did not sleep last night
  you need to get to work, young man he Fell Asleep in My Car Meaningful Work
I Sit Next to the Guy Who Writes Computer Programs All Day Boredom's Not a Burden Anyone Should Bear I Am Never Going To Work Again
I Think My Computer is Controlling Me I wanted to Make You Feel Better Come Waste Your Time With Me Why Does It Have to be So Complicated?
If Only There Were an Off Button for the Voices in My Head I Do It Because Everyone Says I Should It Hurts Yes I Do Feel Good About It
I'm Glad You're My Friend What a Wonderful Day I Write Computer Programs All Day It Was Time to Cut Loose
Look at the Stars Need to Drink More? He Wanted to Write, But Something Held Him Back So THis is the End, Huh?

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