Mr. Destiny.

Okay, I’ll start off with a quick “what I’ve been up to” and make my way into the ranting. Sound good? When last we spoke, I was an angry and bitter man. I blame the lack of violence on television. So Wednesday was good. I managed to coerce my workmates into heading off to KFC, where these two high school girls seemed awfully proud of the fact that they “had pants”. (Don’t bother asking, cause it makes no sense. One girl just kept saying “We’ve got pants”.) Then during lunch, Joel and I experienced the wonders of Zelda: 4 Swords. Seriously, multiplayer Zelda is amazing. (Mark, you reading this?). So that brought me great joy. And because Dave rules, he agreed to drive my car back from work, so Joel and I could continue playing.

Wednesday night was a new Ed. Mindy, Jodi, Sven, and Julie came on over to watch, so we got some pizza, and played cards for a while. Good stuff. And then of course I stayed up too late doing nothing, finally falling asleep because I forgot what it was I was doing.

This morning I had a meeting at Kava House at 9am with Brian, Dave, and Alan. I showed up late, because I was having some “car trouble”. (Car trouble –> I did not get into my car until 9:05 am. I then drove very quickly.) The meeting was quite good, and I drank coffee out of a glass. It felt very Star Trek-esque. Speaking of which, Nemesis comes out tomorrow, and it’s going to rule.

I played some Unreal Tournament 2003 at lunch today, and I’ve been playing at 5 most days this week, and I’ve finally been doing well against the throng of online players. So it’s time for another LAN party, so I can wipe the floor with yall. Lemme know who all wants in, and when works, and we’ll get it going.

I’ve been able to talk to Deedre quite a bit lately, which has been grand. There aren’t all that many people out there that you can have a conversation with about anything under the sun and not feel awkward. Fewer still that are the opposite sex and gorgeous.

I discovered that Friends is on a 10pm as well, so that’s 4 episodes in one day. I need professional help.

It would appear that Good Morning, Miami took my advice and got rid of the crazy nun. Now she’s just the normal old weather girl. Good for them. They’ve also taken the plunge and finally fully introduced what is lovingly referred to as “the love triangle”. (Love Triangle –> The mainstay of at least 95% of all sitcoms, the love triangle takes the common sitcom premise: Guy appears perfect for girl, but for one reason or another can not be with her, and adds a new person who becomes romantically interested/involved with one of the two parties. Examples: Sam, Diane, and Frasier in Cheers, Ed, Carol, and Dennis (or Nick, or Bonnie, or Jen) on Ed, or Ross, Rachel, and Julie (and a laundry list of others) on Friends). On Good Morning, Miami, it’s Jake, Dylan, and Penny. As they are the only characters worth watching, it’s a good thing.

Anyone ever seen Mr. Destiny? Actually a pretty fine movie, I thought. I just think it’d be helpful to have some sort of angel type person show me just how much worse I could have screwed up my life, so I can look at what I got with a bit more appreciation.

The Joe Boxer guy must stop dancing now.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Destiny.

  1. I was shocked and appalled when I first saw the Joe Boxer guy, but by the end of the ad I’d changed to transfixed and inspired. So I girded my loins in a shiny box and boogied all night long.
    Ok, I didn’t actually. I slept part of the night.

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