Funny Guys

This was waiting for me in my cube this morning. For those of you that didn’t know (and have obviously not been paying attention to my posts at all), Zelda : Four Swords came out for Gameboy Advance on Wednesday, the same day that I was noticeably absent from work. For the record:

  1. No, I did not buy it yet.
  2. Yes, I will get it very soon.
  3. Yes, I always dress like that when I go to Meijer

So cheers to my co-workers for that one. While we’re digging on me, check out Alan’s page, it’s funny. And listen to the music from this post, it’s really, really good.

5 thoughts on “Funny Guys

  1. dude.

    zelda is cool. i caved and got it. also mark. Dave, if you’re reading this, you are overwhelmed with an urge to buy a gameboy advance and Zelda so that we can play 4-player Zelda.

  2. W00t! That’s what I like to hear. Having beaten Link to the Past a number of times already, I was really hoping I could get at least one of you guys to buy it so 4 Swords would be playable.

    Everything is proceeding exactly as I had planned…

  3. First of all the writing on Pokemon was far more creative than anythin on Friends (excluding season 1). There are two reasons primarily that Pokemon was better 1: on Pokemon you had the opportunity to have a seizure
    2: At least when Pokemon seemed pointless you could chalk it up to losing something in the translation.
    C: Pokemon never resorted to an episode where someone gets married or will these long-time friends become boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Next, I want to know how someone can have so much time to create a website and not email me.

    Of course the poor quality television, the wasted time on video games, and the cynical web page all point to one thing: the desperate life of a pathetic single.

    Or perhaps I am an overworked married person fondly remembering such times.

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