Who needs sleep?

So I got 0 hours of sleep last night. And yes, it kinda sucked. It wasn’t for lack for lack of trying. I spent a few hours just kinda laying there. I think I just completely screwed up my sleep schedule, and couldn’t adjust. So you add that to my normal sleeping difficulties and you get me just sitting in bed, staring at the ceiling for a while. Today at work actually didn’t turn out that bad though. Lots of coffee, and loud, angry music, and I was all set.

I just got done watching what may well be the worst movie (from a “quality” perspective) that I have ever seen: Going Overboard. For a clue of how bad it is, check this quote from Imdb:


If you like this title, we also recommend…
stabbing yourself in the eyes with a fork.

I suppose it’s a heartwarming story that after this, Adam Sandler can go on to make Billy Madison.(“Billy Madison was like..Punk Rock!”)

I think I’ll try to work on a new section for this site.

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