Wednesday continues to be my reason for living.

So it’s lunch time, and I should be playing Unreal 2003, but for reasons unclear it’s playing like a snail strolling upstream in molasses, so I gave up. It’s a Wednesday, but I’m working from home, because I’ve got some phone conference meeting dealie tomorrow. There’s a new Ed tonight with Kelly Ripa, which ought to be just plain grand. So I guess if I can’t be happy, at least the fictional characters I live vicariously through can be.

I watched an episode of The Oblongs the other night, and found it to be quite, quite funny. It is now my mission to acquire every episode. (My mission –> To satiate the demon that is obsessive compulsiveness). Anyway, if you’re an Adult Swim fan, check The Oblongs out… Will Ferrell does one of the voices!

It would appear the longest distance on earth is between my kitchen sink and my dishwasher. It seems that the trek requires up to 3 days prep time for some.

I’ve got to do work.

One thought on “Wednesday continues to be my reason for living.

  1. Ron, you’ve got the same table problem I had at first. You are missing a close table tag. regardless, Dude, you should try to get out more! Like, not watch TV obsessively, and lick the screen when kelly ripa comes onscreen. You can barely see through the marks you left that time after you ate chocolate cake, and rushed to the TV when she came on for her cameo on “Full house”

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