This is over.

So I’ve been on this “good attitude” and “be a good person” kick for a little while, and so far, it has gone very, very well.

Tuesday at the Pickwick was quite good. Had myself a fine conversation with Tuuk about life, the universe, and everything (Life, the Universe, and Everything –> Women.). After a few attempts, we got our last pitcher, which was good to the last drop, then headed off. After dropping Tuuk and Mark off, I headed on to Joel’s, where I crashed for a little while. Joel and I had another fine conversation. We came to the agreement that we were good people (well, better than everyone else, certainly), and I was on my way. Got home, and started restringing my guitar, because it was very late, and I am very stupid. After a short while I realized I was lying in bed, and decided I may as well just sleep

Wednesday came with no getting out of bed spinning world adventures, and I was pleased. Work was work…nothing exciting that I can remember, though I did spend a fair amount of my lunch hour dinking around with my magnet poetry. (What were they thinking when they included “blood”, “knife”, and CarrotTop” !?) On the drive home, Dave and I passed crazy leg dragging scooter guy. As his name kinda suggests, he drives a scooter, but drags his feet along the road while he’s going… Just one of the colorful personalities that makes up my work neighborhood. (See also: Old man with a bat, Diane the Wendys lady, and Dave.)

Wednesday night was Ed! It was beyond grand. First of all, it was Ed, which makes it wonderful. Then you add Kelly Ripa, and it’s getting even better. Then you you add THIS, and you’ve got yourself the perfect episode. (For those of you scared of links, it’s a short clip of Dennis and Carol’s wedding, right as Dennis calls the whole thing off and walks out of the church, [hopefully] never to be seen again.) In the off chance that you’ve forgotten, we hate Dennis… and no matter how sorry you might feel for him, just remember all of season 2, and that he’s a complete ass, and you’ll suddenly feel a lot better about things. Meanwhile, next week’s episode will be wonderful beyond compare, and there was much rejoicing.

The rest of Wednesday night was spent playing cards with Jodi, Mindy, and Steve, which was great fun. The trick is to cheat, apparently. Finally headed on home, talked to Deedre about Ed for a bit, then headed off to sleep… after a few hours of TV.

So I prepared to do laundry today, because I need clothes to wear tomorrow. So I took all of my jeans, tossed them in the washing machine, threw in the detergent, turned on the thing, and…. nothing. After some time spent poking different things like a confused chimpanzee, I realized that it was broken, rendering me pantsless. Unfortunate. So a guy was supposed to come to take a look at it and, hopefully, fix it. Said guy never came… leaving me — you guessed it — pantsless. So if you see me tomorrow sporting a cardboard box and some trash bags, don’t laugh.. just keep on walking, and act as though you don’t know me. So all you women out there, behave as normal.(Thank you very much, I’ll be here all week! Tip your waitress.)

I’ve been working on getting all my video capturing and encoding stuff to work for a while now, and I’ve almost got it (as evidenced by my now adding video clips to this little dealio) For those of you that didn’t know, Microsoft stuff totally sucks. Don’t use it. Anyone with any experience/advice in video capturing, editing, or encoding, please let me know what you use, and if it’s good or not. Danke! Hope to get all my Ed eps on CD/DVD very soon.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. Saturday I’m having coffee with Jill, then my old roommate Adam is coming to town, which will rule. So I’m hanging out with him, and my cousin, Sven, the rest of Saturday. Then Sunday I’m off to Vegas… and I still have to figure out if and how I’m getting from Vegas to Toronto. I should get on that.

I hope to have my updated Poetry Generator finished soon, then I’ll be adding an Art section, where I can toss my bad poetry, mediocre photography, and my CAD rendered pictures (i.e. my pain, in picture form.). So hopefully I can get that up and running before I’m off this weekend.

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