Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of those days when I start looking back at the year that’s nearly passed, and try to decide if it was a good year or not.. and also try to figure out what I should do differently in the new year to make it better. I’ve got some time driving to and from my parents place, and odds are Kristin will be tired on the drive home anyway, so I need something to occupy my head, or the little band that plays up there will just play the same few notes over and over and over again until I’m forced to slam my skull into the driver’s side window to make them stop. Anyway, this year was actually quite good. Looking back to the summer, I came to realize that this summer was amazingly good. At the time I wanted more, but at the same time I realized that it was all quite good. Looking back now I wish I had truly appreciated just how good it was, but I’m glad that I did at least recognize that many things were very, very good. So how do things get better? At this point, my best guess is to just keep doing what I’m doing, and wait for the breaks that gotta swing my way at some point. Got any advice?

I went with a group, including Tuuk and Adam to see Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones in the IMAX theater. I can say without a doubt that it was very Big. Watching it while sitting next to Tuuk was also quite entertaining. (He seemed skeptical when I mentioned that Anakin could still likely kick his ass, whiny or not. Then Tuuk showed me a little Kung Fu and I quickly recanted.) The only drawback (besides the parts of the movie that weren’t good, and the parts where the special effects looked not so special on such a large screen) was that I was very tired, and my eyes where just burning the entire time. So afterwards, I went home, and went to sleep for a while. Then I woke up and talked to some people, including Steve for a while, then passed out again and woke up when it was today, which is now yesterday.

With the coaxing of Joel, and the thought of 3 new (or at least new to me)Zelda games, I went and bought a Gameboy Advanced. Now those sole 2 hours of the day that weren’t spent staring at a screen of some sort will be spent… staring at a screen. I am a moron. But I am seriously jazzed about playing Oracle of Season, Oracle of Ages, and Four Swords. And when the Gamecube version of The Legend of Zelda comes out, you can use the GBA for something (a map, I think), and that just sounds slick. (Slick –> A quality held by an item that makes those that own said item believe that the item is more valuable than they could have possibly imagined, and believe that those in charge of creating said item are to be praised. This same quality causes those that do not own said item to loathe and mock said item even more, and loathe the greedy bastards that came up with such stupid marketing ploys.). I’d like to reiterate that I will be coming down with mono around February 1, 2003. Please adjust your schedules accordingly.

So my Thanksgiving was spent out near Chicago with my extended family (Mom’s side). Good times. As always, there was much food, many card games, and at least 50% of my family members must have left with the distinct impression that I was born with a brain defect. (and apparently I lick my walls… who knows.) Got back around 10, and did some coding, and now that it’s about 1:45 i might sleep, or read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I think we all know which one I’m going to choose.

So anyway, hope everyone had a good day. Needless to say, the Lions suck.

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