Serenity Now!

So here I sit in a php training session, which seems to be going quite well. We’ve haven’t been getting email all day, which on the one hand is quite nice, as I haven’t received any complaints about things not working, but on the other hand it sucks, because I’m in desperate need of interaction with other people I know or I just shrivel up and die. The bigger downside is when the email finally does come, and I realize that I didn’t get anything worthwhile anyway.

I was watching Seinfeld the other day, and it was the one where Jerry and George decide that they are living like children, and have to make some major changes in their lives. So George goes out and gets engaged, and Jerry… well George got engaged. Ordinarily I wait until New Years to decide that I’m not particularly pleased with the direction my life is going, but I’ve decided to get a jump start on it this year. I think I made some really good changes this past New Years, and honestly, for the most part they’ve made me a better, happier person. Despite the fact that I complain quite a bit, I’ve been more like the person I want to be this past year that in years previous. I think a number of people in my life have made that possible. But there’s still a lot that remains to be done, and with that in mind, I’ve gone and resolved to make some more changes. I’ve decided to force myself to do a number of things I don’t particularly want to do — things outside of my comfort zone — in the hopes that I might expand myself a bit. You can probably just file this under my Grandiose Experiments pile, but at the moment I think it might be good for me… Though I’m already a bit worried about the things I’ve committed to already. I’ve officially given up on my plan to try to get a normal amount of sleep, because I just don’t care enough about it. Forcing myself to sleep just means I lie awake in my bed, thinking about things I’ve managed to not think about all day. The same goes with food. I’ll continue to eat when I’m hungry, and that’ll be good enough.

I’m off to Vegas soon. There will be pictures. Until I have to pawn my camera to save my legs from getting smashed by some big guy known only as “Thug”. But yes indeed, I am looking forward to it. I have this idea that while I’m away, I can just take a break from anything that might be bothering me at the time. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s always the hope. Anyway, I’m off the 17th, I believe, and back the 22nd. Say that you’ll miss me.

So this evening and last night I had my own room in a hotel here in Muskegon. You know what? I really didn’t need a room.. I don’t live that far away. But it was something different. Hopefully tonight some of us will head off somewhere and do something entertaining, cause I’m in need of some fun. But for now, we’re off to have some prime rib I think.

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  1. I saw that Seinfeld also. The “we’re not men” line is one my former roommates and I have been quoting for quite a while now. Odd that now I have a job and a home I still quote it. meh.

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