I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob.

I didn’t go to work today. About half way through work yesterday I started getting a petty nasty headache, and it just continued to get worse. So when I got home from work, I just hopped into bed, and rested/watched TV (watched Van Wilder and a number of episodes of The Oblongs) in the hopes that it would go away. I didn’t feel that bad when I was lying down, but when I stood up, it felt like my head was in a vise. Not pleasant. It started feeling a bit better towards evening, and after talking on the phone with Serita for an hour or two it was more or less gone… I thought.

I woke up this morning to my alarm, and scrambled to turn it off, as usual. Then I got up to head to the closet. I managed about half a step before I hit the floor. I do believe in the few short seconds I was standing up my room managed to spin about 50 times. My stomach notified me of its disapproval of the current situation. So I laid on the ground for a little while, figuring I was just really, really tired, and needed a few more minutes to wake up. So I got up again, and instantly felt the same funky spinning sensation, and fell into bed. Most odd… I gave it a few more minutes, and then tried a third time. This time I was determined to keep going, not so much because I wanted to go to work, but because my body was disobeying me, and that just won’t stand… well apparently, neither could I, cause things started getting really dark, and I felt about ready to explode. So I laid down for a bit, then called in sick, figuring a few more hours sleep, and I’d be good to head in around noon. Set my alarm for 10:30 and fell asleep.

When I woke up, the clock said something like 3:30, and I was confused. After a little while I remembered the morning’s adventure, and things made a bit more sense, except for the alarm not going off… I then spotted the alarm clock on the floor, obviously the victim of some pretty harsh abuse. I did some work for a while, then cleaned the house for a bit, then headed out and picked up The Lord of the Rings 4 disc set, Star Wars Episode II, and Pearl Jam – Riot Act. Thus far the PJ album is quite good, but I’ve only listened to 5 songs… I have little doubt that I’ll like the whole thing.

Today is Tuesday, and that means Max and Ermas, then pick up some Bugles and $, then drop off an Ed tape, then the Pickwick. It really is quite a nice routine I’ve got for this day.

In High School, there was a teacher that kept trying to convince my homeroom that life was almost entirely about attitude. The quote was something like “Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you deal with it.” I never bought into it then, but I’m starting to now… I think it might have been talking to Serita, or perhaps the fact that I just got 15+ hours of sleep, but something has happened to make me believe that despite the fact that things aren’t quite what I want them to be right now, things aren’t too bad, and they’ll continue to get better if I work at it. I hope this feeling lasts, because it’s a lot easier to do the things that are hard when you have within you the belief that these actions will lead towards a desired goal.

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