Home Again.

So I’m back home. Friday turned out to be a very long day. Woke up early, headed out to the airport, got through security, then grabbed some food at Burger King. (Croissanwich –> A Sausage, egg, and cheese Croissant. Burger King went through all the trouble of creating a short, efficient name for the thing, and worked their made up name into the vernacular, and now they refuse to ever call the stupid thing by the very name they’ve given it. It’s stupid. Order a “croissanwich” at Burger King sometime, and they’ll say something like “So you’ve ordered a Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant.” That’s like ordering a Whopper, and them saying “So you’ve ordered a burger with ketchup, mustard, pickles, thousand island dressing, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce on a bun”. Joel and I have had this discussion many-a time.) So having purchased breakfast, I found myself with a quarter. We were a few hours early for our flight, and there were plenty of slot machines… So I tossed the quarter into one of the slot machines, gave it a pull, and Bling – Bling – Bling. Sweetness. Won myself $8. So while I ended up down in Las Vegas, I ended up UP at the Vegas airport, and that’s all that really matters to me.

The flights back home were fairly uneventful, but long.. The mountains were amazing, and I just stared out the window like a giddy little schoolboy for quite some time, but that joy soon passed as the clouds rolled in, and I was back to pretending to sleep much of the time. I’ve been having some fairly Mind-Messing dreams lately. (Mind-Messing Dreams –> A dream that seems to be some sort of urgent message sent from my subsconcious to my conscious. Often times, for me anyway, it seems to be my repressed thoughts that I’ve either chosen to ignore or simply haven’t had the notion to think about suddenly coming to the forefront and demanding to be heard.) I’ve been having more or less the exact same dream almost every night for about a week now, and while the dream itself is pleasant, it’s the waking up that I seem to have the trouble with. This has happened before, though. About a year after my family moved from Ohio to Michigan, a move I was very much against, I had a series of dreams where I was forced to move back to Cleveland, and everything was kind of how it was when I still lived there, but I was completely miserable, and I missed all my new Michigan friends, etc.. And it didn’t take much detective work to figure out that I was glad we had moved, and happier (everything’s relative) here in Michigan than I was there. I seem to recall a couple of rather messed up “nightmares” shortly before breaking up with Julie that made that decision even easier than it already should have been. Nothing quite like a projected future to make you rethink your present path. Anyway, I’m now having these dreams that are making some stuff fairly clear, but the problem is I have no real clue what I’m supposed to do about it. It’s one thing to know that something’s true, and it’s quite another to then know what you’re supposed to do because of it. And if you think I’m going to just post what my dream was here, you’re even more messed up than I am. Ask me sometime.

So I got back Friday night, and then headed out that evening with Mindy, and we saw The Emperor’s Club. It was quite good. We were expecting a cross between Dead Poets Society and Mr. Holland’s Opus, but it really wasn’t. There were certainly portions of both other films in this one, but it stands on its own as a fine, fine film. One of those good movies where at the end you can’t say if it ended happy or sad, but you feel good about having seen it, and kinda wish it wasn’t over. Afterwards, we headed off to Fridays for some drinks and some food, and talked about everything. (Life, the Universe, Ed, Relationships, Work, and the people we know, and why we love or hate them.) Was good stuff. The entire time I still felt kinda out of it from jetlag and general out-of-it-ness. The fishbowl sized Long-Island probably didn’t help. Meh. Good stuff.

Today I slept. A LOT. Then I cleaned for a while to make myself feel better. Later on in the day, Josh and Dusty showed up, and we headed off and saw Die Another Day, which I found quite entertaining. A few gripes. First, I’m not a huge Halle Berry fan, so her inclusion wasn’t a huge thrill for me. I also don’t particularly care for the new Madonna song that’s the theme. It doesn’t touch the Garbage “The World is Not Enough” theme of the last film. I was pleasantly surprised by the car though. I had bad visions of Bond driving around in a souped up Ford Festiva, but thankfully Ford owns Aston Martin, so all was good. Afterwards, we headed off to Max and Ermas for dinner, and the lovely Tressa was working, so that made it all the better. After a lively dinner that involved some dancing in the lobby, some hostesses dancing in the lobby, some camp games, and figuring out how I’d tell my parents that I had killed a guy, we headed on back to my place, played cards for a while, then called it a night. Now I’m about to watch Rat Race, because I need to get back into my 4 hours of sleep a night routine, or this coming week is going to be hellish.

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  1. So I actually thought the Madonna song was OK. I never managed to see “The World is Not Enough”, but the opening credits sequence to this one worked really well. It was also interesting in that this is the first Bond movie (besides maybe Dr. No) that I’ve seen that didn’t have a completely unrelated opening sequence before the credit/song sequence, and then get into the ‘real’ movie after that. They sorta tied the whole thing together. I liked it.

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