Thursdays are good.

First off, I like Thursdays. Well, that’s not even it. I like Wednesday from about 6:30pm – Friday about 2:30 am… There’s a couple of reasons. First, Wednesday at 8 is Ed, then at 9 it’s The West Wing. Do I find it at all sad that one of the highlights of my week is TV? Shut up. Anyway, Wednesday during the summer (reruns…) I had one of my softball leagues, and softball rules. So Wednesday nights are good.

I’d add the fact that I can stay up late, but I do that regardless.. I guess I can stay up fairly late without any regrets the next morning, and that counts for something, so I’ll say that: “I can stay up late without any regrets the next morning.”

Now, the staying up late dealie is because I work from home on Thursdays, which is just plain good. And I better set a few things straight lest I get fired or something. 1st off, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to work at all. That’s called a “vacation day”.. and that’s different. I don’t get [many of] those. What makes working from home great is the complete absense of “the commute”. (The Commute –> Imagine the entire journey of the Lord of the Rings, delete everything remotely interesting [e.g. wizards, magic, swords, and women], and add a giant landfill by Coopersville. Don’t forget to add the snow, the darkness, and the constantly trying not to fall asleep parts.). So without having to drive an hour to and fro, that’s 2 hours added to the day. To no one’s surprise, the first freed up hour is spent sleeping. (and there was much rejoicing). The 2nd is usually spent doing laundry. (Chopped into 10 minute snippets. just sitting there waiting for it to be done would be a waste, cause there’s no window into our dryer.. I’d just be staring at the door.) The other grand thing about working from home is that I can do much of my work from my bed, much like I am now. It’s like being wrapped inside pure joy. (I think they’re called blankets, actually.)

Thursday nights are good simply because I’m not already too tired from work to do anything fun. Granted, that rarely makes a difference one way or another (i.e. I do fun stuff Tuesday nights even though I’m tired, and some Thursdays are spent lying on my bed in a fetile position staring at a wall and praying that the ceiling collapses and leaves no trace of my body.). But this Thursday is a good one. My sister, Kristin, has gone and grabbed a few of my friends, and we’re headed out for dinner as a lil birthday type deal. Good stuff. And since she just showed up, I should stop typing.

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