Jumping Ladders

Today is Wednesday, which means Ed. It just finished. It was good. (and no.. there wasn’t really any doubt.) BUT, next week’s is going to be better. So, in the off chance you’ve not yet seen the show, or haven’t seen ALL the episodes, give me a call, and I’ll bring you on over to my place, and we’ll watch them all. Sound good? Seriously, if you can watch the whole first season and not love the show, you have no soul, and I don’t want you coming around here anymore.

Hey, kids out there: If you find yourself thinking something like “I wonder how much this would hurt”, stop, take a deep breath, and don’t do it!. My brain hates me. (My Brain –> That bitterly divided force inside my head that seems constantly battling between self preservation and self annihilation.). So I was sitting there, watching commercials , waiting for Ed, and I found a box of matches… So.. yeah.. You know those movies where the tough guy holds the lit match in his fingers until it goes out? Yeah, I burned my finger really bad, and it’s blistering up now.

My sister got me those word magnets that you can make phrases/poems/etc. out of, and I’ve been kinda obsessed with them ever since.. I guess I have the belief that if given enough time, effort, and motivation, I could write something worthwhile. Well, lacking at least 2 of those things, I just whipped up a script to write poems using the magnets I have. I kept trying to get it to come up with something good, but finally stopped when I got please pass away.

In the off chance you didn’t know, Dennis Martino represents all that is soulless and evil in this world.

And to my Pickwick clan, I think I’m here, but if feels like here.

5 thoughts on “Jumping Ladders

  1. I saw Ed once and it was pretty good. I was mostly struck at how amazingly beautiful one of his co-stars was (Carol?). She was incredibly… seriously. Can you explain better why you think your flying over the abyss? Anything new to report?

  2. Yes indeed.. Carol (Julie Bowen) is amazingly beautiful. Which makes the whole plot (Great guy falls for beautiful girl, and is willing to do everything and anything to get her [i.e. make a complete ass of himself repeatedly], while the girl continues to hook up with jackasses) so irritatingly accurate.

    As for the Abyss.. A jump was attempted, and I didn’t plummet into the abyss, but I honestly don’t know where I’m at currently. Both ladders look the same right now, I guess. Either way, I enjoyed the jump, and I’m sure there are more to come. How’s that for vague?

  3. I have been a praticing psychiatrist for almost 14 years. I stumbled on your website and studied the content and without having meet you I can safely assume that you are a very troubled young man. What I found very interesting was the fact that you claim to be 24 years old. Your writting style would suggest that you are much younger. I can only conclude that you have some sort of mental impairment or a very low IQ. My guess is that you also have a problem with strong body odor.

    If your ever in the Tulsa area look me up. I’m always looking for good case studies I can submit to the psychiatry journals.

  4. What do you know:

    grep Edmond /usr/local/wed/logs/access_log


    Show Linksys Logs


    Show DHCP Routing Table


    One roommate who loses his Port 80 privileges.

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