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Welp, Tuuk complained that I didn’t have any actual content, so I felt the need to add something worthwhile.. instead you got this. I’ve been pissed off all week, and there appears to be no reason not to be today, so I still am. Odds are, 9+ hours of Nine Inch Nails a day isn’t helping the mood much, but it is keeping me awake at work (well, except yesterday.. stupid meetings.) There’s just something about hearing a guy scream “Kill me” repeatedly that makes my life seem not quite as bad, I guess.

I was watching TV the other day, while I was at my computer coding up some of this webpage php magic stuff, and this commercial came on. This kid about my age sitting at a computer, I think, and the narrator asked “Are you depressed? Have trouble getting sleep? Loss of appetite?” I answered yes to all three, and I thought perhaps TV had come to fulfill its destiny (TV’s Destiny –> to transform my pathetic life of drudgery and despair into something worth getting out of bed for.). So I turned to fully embrace TV’s wisdom. The response: “Come to Damons, the place for Ribs!”. Well, I’m now officially boycotting Damons, and my TV got its ass kicked.

Anyway, that’s all for now, cause I gotta start up some NIN and loathe myself for a couple more hours.

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  1. This is the coolest weblog ever. I don’t know how you can boycott Damon’s… I mean, they have trivia! Which is fascinating. I think I saw that commercial, too, but I thought it was funny. In retrospect I guess that I would have also said yes to all of those questions, since my life is no thrill-a-minute adventure. I guess it’s my own fault though, since I’m scared of human interaction, and think that no one wants to get close enough to touch my copious amounts of sagging, putrid flesh. I heard physical contact with other humans is over-rated, so I guess I’ll be okay.

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