Welcome to the Family

As you may recall, I got two young leopard geckos, Eddy and Gordon, at the start of the year.  This was what they looked like way back then:

Eddy and Gordon


All was well, and they continued to get along fairly well, and grow.  As they grew, their stripes faded away, and they got a bit of orange in their tails,  By the end of March they looked like this:

 Gordon and Eddy

Back when we got them, the pet store wasn’t able to tell us if they were male or female, and there are problems related to having 2 males in the same tank, so I was keeping an eye on them.  It soon became quite clear that Gordon was a male and Eddy was a female… and it also became rather clear they we were going to have to separate the two if Eddy ever wanted a moment of peace again… So that led to this new setup:

Two Tanks

Once again, all was well [though Gordon seemed irritated]… until one day, a short time later, when I noticed this:


So Eddy had laid eggs.  I did a little research, then got the eggs secured in a small container with the proper heat and moisture, etc… and then left them alone.


Flash forward a couple months, and I’m off on my annual baseball road trip with Sven when I get an animated phone message from Melissa… and a short while later she sent me this photo:


That’s Shooter.  He was followed soon after by Yoshi.  New Pets!

Shooter in a bowlYoshiYoshi and Shooter

Gordon Smiles